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The Magic Behind Berlin’s Velvet Bar


Velvet may just be the most exciting bar in Berlin right now. Damien Guichard, Ruben Neideck, and Filip Kaszubski, the three masterminds behind the bar’s intimate ambience and offbeat seasonal cocktails, talk about Velvet’s unique vibe. Read more

L 27 at the Westin Nashville: Seriously?


There’s no shortage of terrible, overpriced bars in the world, so let’s talk about one today. Just because.  After all, as much as we like heaping praise on true achievers, you still have to be able to call a dud a dud, right? Read more

Hangover, anyone? Right this way!


Breakfast, brunch or hair of the dog – ten spots in Berlin where Bar Convent Berlin attendees with even the most harrowing of hangovers will find the perfect food and/or drink options for what ails ye. Read more