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European Masters of Bartending: Dirk Hany


MIXOLOGY author Andrew Wilkin meets Dirk Hany for his continuing series on the European Masters of Bartending. He’s a man who’s built up a name for himself as both a brand ambassador and as the Bar Manager at Zürich’s acclaimed Widder Bar. What makes him tick?  Read more

Sexism in the Bar Industry


The image of groping male hands blindly harassing a female bartender might be outdated, but that doesn’t mean that sexism within the bar industry is no longer a problem. Read more

Dan Priseman, King of the Comeback


Dan Priseman is well-known for his work at the Bitters&Twisted blog and the bar Nola. Now having worked on the comeback of Four Roses bourbon, he’s the co-author of an upcoming book about the art of throwing drinks. “Once considered the pinnacle, you had to do it.