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Bottle and Cask Ageing of Cocktails- A Future Concept?

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In a Tuesday session at Bar Convent Berlin, London bartender Tony Conigliaro talked about the experiments he’s running at 69 Colebrooke Row.
Tony Conigliaro is not found of the term "molecular mixology," but then again he hasn’t come up with a better one for what he does. "I think what we are is poly… poly-something," he said.
He described what works in his bottle aged cocktails, and what doesn’t. He says that using high-proof spirits, leaving only a couple of centimeters of air space in the bottle, corking the bottles and sealing them with tape, and storing the bottles upright are some of the ways he’s found to do it. He hopes to have a set of vintage-dated cocktails available at the bar in the future. 
He tried barrel-aging drinks, but found them to become too woody too quickly. So now he is taking a Manhattan, redistilling it in a roto-vapor to remove the woody notes, and then aging it in a barrel. That oughtta be interesting even if it turns out gross.
We sampled a barrel aged cocktail in the session, and it did taste more integrated, like the drink was only one ingredient rather than three. We also had horseradish vodka (grated horseradish in vodka, redistilled) and it was amazing how it retained the full flavor of horseradish.
Science is delicious! 

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