Summer Drink 2008: The Gin Basil Smash

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The quest for the official summer drink 2008 is over. Joerg Meyer of Le Lion fame recently posted his recipe of a Gin Smash with red basil in his Bitters Blog.

The drink is a bestseller in Le Lion, since they started serving it. As a proof Joerg put up a picture of all gin bottles used in one night. Where Le Lion used to serve a lot of strong concoctions in the tradition of the 19th century (lots of bitters, lots of booze, small cocktail glasses), there seems to be a new turn towards cuisine style drinks.

After the recipe (by no means a new one – except for the RED basil) got published on the internet, it was then picked up by numerous bartenders across the country. Oliver Kirschner of Gelbes Haus in Nuremberg commented, that he had to increase the number of mis-en-place basil bushes in his back office from one to five immediately. Here comes the recipe:


5 – 6 cl Gin (G’Vine, Tanqueray No. Ten, Bombay Sapphire 47%)
2 cl simple syrup
2 – 2,5 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 sprig (red) basil

Glass: Old Fashioned
Method: Muddle basil vigorously – then shake all ingredients and double-strain on fresh ice cubes.

Photo credit: Gin Basil Smash via Shutterstock


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