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Japanese Bartending Seminar of the ECM with Stan Vadrna

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The first seminar of the European Cocktail Museum finished on June 3rd. We had announced it in our German blog and sold out the available seats in only one week.

Seminars and trainings of the ECM are non-profit projects. The participant’s fees cover the speaker’s honorarium, traveling costs, catering and course resources. Organisation and facilities are provided by the European Cocktail Museum.

The speaker of our first seminar, that was covering all aspects of Japanese bartending, was Stanislav Vadrna, who has been acting as the training manager for the Slovakian Red Monkey Group in Bratislava over the last couple of years. Stan has been studying the Japanese bartending philosophy and is determined to spread the word about the benefits of Western style bartending can gain, while looking at the work of their Asian colleagues.

The ECM saw 14 participants in its first seminar. They traveled from as far as Kopenhagen, Munich, and Vienna to attend the 20-hour program and to successfully take the final exam:

Chris Doig (Umami, Kopenhagen), Klaus Rainer (Schumann’s, München), Torsten Spuhn (Modern Masters, Erfurt), Dietmar Poetscher (Loos Bar, Wien), Mario Kappes (Le Lion, Hamburg), Stefan Schauberger (Ciba Mato, Stuttgart), Aron Buchholz (Liebig Lounge, Magdeburg), Jonas Stein (Schoellmann’s, Offenburg), Markus Müller (Japgo, Tuebingen), sowie Matthias Reeder und sein Team (Shochu, Berlin).

It was a pleasure to see the participants sweat due to 30° Celsius and a clear Berlin sky, while learning how to do the hard shake or to listen to their victorious shouts after successfully carving an ice ball!

But the working techniques were just one part of Stan’s teaching. Ichigo-Ichie ("one encounter – one chance!") was the mantra, that was heard again and again throughout the 3 days of the course. The customer being the central element of a bar, this claim is aiming at a continious dealing with his necessities. This seemed to be very inspiring for many of the bartenders as we could read on Facebook later:

Klaus St. Rainer, bartender at Schumann’s in Munich further explained it: "Regarding bar psychology bartenders in the whole world should focus on a number of things: the love for the profession and the love for the detail are exemplary in Japanese bartending!" Hosting, the virtue our profession builds on, today is deeply missed in many bars on our planet.

We do have a growing readership in Denmark. This showed in Chris Doig taking part in the first seminar of the ECM. Chris (picture) is bar manager of Umami in Kopenhagen und runs the cocktail blog Brilliant Cocktails. This is what he said about the seminar:

"The training had real substance, heart and soul. I never thought I would have to shake so long with ‚rice‘ to master the hard-shake method. Unbelievable ‚Sprezzatura‚ shown by Stan with the ice ball carving, I just got to practice more and more to get to that level. I look forward to another seminar at the European Cocktail Museum!"

For those, who couldn’t attend the seminar due to limited seats, we would like to offer another opportunity in the near future.

Anyone who’s interested to learn about Japanese Bartending, please drop us a note at: bastian@mixology.eu.


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