Drinks # New Recipes

The Dunhill: Reverse Another way


How many mixed drinks besides the Martini that are garnished with an olive can you think of? How many Martini variations do we need? And what makes Sherry a secret weapon for long nights?

Alexander, part 2: Hold the Cream!


It seems like we can’t let go of the Alexander, and the riddle it presents: How to counter its obscene sweetness? And how about skipping the cream? A small study of balance and obscure ways to lend it.

Who came up with the brilliant Gin Basil Smash?


The Gin Basil Smash has truly catapulted its way onto bar menus around the world. But who was really behind this cocktail phenomenon? Find out in this background story, where we reveal the true history of the Gin Basil Smash.