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Galliano Relaunch – Good bye Harvey?

Cocktails 30.5.2008 2 comments

Wow. Things are getting a bit weird now.

There we are praying for years and years about declining product quality, useless line extensions and boring low-proof gins produced for mere tax reasons and suddenly…they seem to hear our cries!
Beefeater has gone back to bottling at 47% abv, big distributors are suddenly pushing their premium tequilas, premium liqueur ranges are getting more and more available for a broader audience and: Galliano discovers its roots.
After years of being merely a vanilla liqueur without depth Galliano has now gone back to their authentic recipe which will be launched in continental Europe soon.
And no, it is not a line extension, it will be the only Galliano you get from now on. Hah!
So what did they change?
First: the strength. It now comes at a whopping 42,3% abv instead of the 30% abv you were getting the old stuff at.
Second: the formula. An unexpected spiciness hits your nose with a dominant aniseed note. On the tongue same again. A wide range of herbs and spices blends in well with the anise and a hint – just a subtle hint of – vanilla.
Now this is a liqueur I am excited to play with…get your hands on it quickly, who knows if they’ll change their minds again;-)
P.S.: In case you did not know this is a product developed in the Bols laboratory at the House of Bols in Amsterdam, a place well worth a visit if you are around!
P.P.S.: For those of you bartenders out there, who are in fear of change. Don´t worry! The new Galliano bottle still doesn´t fit in your backboard… 😉 H.A.
Update 16.09.08: Obviously all the Original Galliano recipes like Harvey Wallbanger etc. were made with the old authentic recipe. This means bartenders have been working with Galliono Vanilla for decades without realizing this. It’s about time the brands start telling their stories properly. H.A.



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