Beer, Bars & Brewers #13

In this bi-weekly BBB: Stone Brewing releases its Stone IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ale Germany-wide, we’ve got some more info to Berlin Beer Week and its Berlin Craft Beer Fest component, a Australian personal brewing system aims to revolutionize the home brewing industry, and the Beehive Brae brewery created honey beer ice cream for Aldi. Prost!

July has been a good month for beer. Not only are people consuming more than average, (that’s simply our completely non scientific guess, considering what’s happening with the EM), but there’s so many activities geared towards beer. From the Berlin Beer Week and the Berlin Craft Beer Fest to countless tastings, dinners, and panel discussions happening around it. It’s a good time to be alive (and hoppy). 

Stone Brewing Berlin Releases Stone IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ale

Stone Brewing released its Stone IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ale in mid June and since then the brews have become available all over Germany. Sold in cans the beers are available to the larger public through numerous small retailers, as well as large chains like REWE, Kaisers, real-, and Metro. In a statement Greg Koch said “We’re very happy that our 100 hectoliter brewery is finally active and that we can supply Germany with barrels as well as cans”.

Berlin Beer Week und Berlin Craft Beer Fest

It’s summer and that means it’s time for Berlin Beer Week and Berlin Craft Beer Fest. This year, the two have joined forces so the city will see itself surprised with all things beer around every second corner come July 22nd to July 30th 2016. Expect tastings, tap takeovers, talks, exhibitions, and various other beer-centric events across the nine days. Follow this link for all events. The Berlin Beer Week will conclude with the two day Craft Beer Fest, held at the RAW grounds.

Australian Personal Brewing System Aims to become ‘Nespresso of Beers’

BrewArt was “conceived over eight years ago when creators Scott Harris and Paul Burge noticed the rise of artisan food and drink”. Produced by the Australian company Cooper’s Brewery, the two wanted to create a product that would speed up the homebrewing process.

The drinks business reports that the machine is made up of two unites and “a BeerDroid will brew (338 oz) of beer, and a 5 litre (169 oz) temperature controlled beer dispenser called the BrewFlo. BrewArt will come with all the necessary ingredients required to make beer – malts, enhancers, hops and yeast – and has wifi connectivity that will allow the brewer to control the process via a smartphone app when away from the machine”. The online BrewAssist will allow the consumer to find a beer they like and suggest a comparable style that they can make at home. “BrewArt will initially launch in Australia from mid-July, costing around A$799 for the BeerDroid and A$699 for the BrewFlo”.

Beehive Brae Creates Honey Beer Ice Cream for Aldi

Scottish brewery Beehive Brae has teamed up with Equi’s to create a honey beer ice cream for the supermarket chain Aldi in celebration of “the brew hitting the shelves of the supermarket in time for retailer’s summer beer festival”. The drinks business notes that the ice cream is “based on Beehive Brae’s Blonde Honey Beer”. Aldi is celebrating its fifth Scottish Beer Festival this year, “This year, for the first time, we’re holding three Festivals in our stores across Scotland to reflect the incredible range of Scottish craft beer on offer as well as the growing demand from Scottish shoppers”, they say. This summer three out of the four featured beers have never before been sold at a Aldi.


Foto: Bottles via Shutterstock. Post: Tim Klöcker.

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