Beer, Bars & Brewers #26

Welcome back friends! This week we take a look at the collaboration between a Chicago-based craft brewery and Fernet-Branca, how Starbucks decided to remove alcohol from their US locations, the Swedish genius who made shower beer a thing, and the Berlin-based brewery Brlo opens its restaurant and bar. Prost!


Beer Yoga? Beer Yoga! After successfully launching in Berlin in 2016, beer yoga has finally found its way to Australia. We’re sure everyone there is extremely happy about it. While the notion of consuming beer 24 hours a day and at every which occasion isn’t foreign to us, we do shy away from sticking a half empty beer bottle beneath our buttocks during a yoga bridge. Thaaat just sounds dangerous. Just keep these two seperate please. Or don’t, and report back!

Forbidden Root and Fernet-Branca Collaborate on Rare Amaro-Flavored Ale

Brewbound reports that “Chicago’s Forbidden Root Brewery has partnered with historic Italian amaro producer Fernet-Branca to create a new spirit-inspired imperial black ale, appropriately named Fernetic.” Set to debut today, the beer is limited to only 50 cases available for purchase. The beer is aged on wood and made with 20 different botanical ingredients. The relationship between Fernet-Branca and the Chicago-based brewery began when Eduardo Branca visited the Forbidden Root restaurant in 2016. Brewer Finkel and Branca immediately felt a connection and Branca asked if Forbidden Root would consider brewing a Fernet-inspired beer. Turns out, they would very much consider it. “The beer, which incorporates wormwood, rhubarb, saffron and 17 other other spicy, grassy and herbal ingredients, will sell for a suggested price of $15, Finkel said.”

Starbucks Removes Alcohol from US Stores

The coffee house first tested out its “Starbuck Evening” programme in 2010 before it rolled out nationwide in 2014. Its goal was to double the company’s market value to $100 billion. Now though, as the Drinks Business reports, “Starbucks is ending its experimental Starbucks Evenings programme – which had offered a menu of beer and wine – at over 400 US outlets, ahead of the expansion of its high end Reserve Roastery store concept, which will serve booze”. The concept also travelled to the UK and is expected to remain on the isle for the time being. Instead of the Starbucks Evening experience, guests can buy a range of wine, beer, and spirits at Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery stores “the company’s new high end concept store offering signature coffee beans”. 

This Genius Swedish Brewer Made a Shower Beer

There’s shower wine (never heard of it? You’re welcome), so why should one not be able to take your beer into the shower as well? But, if Fredrik Tunedal will have it his way, you’ll put down the wine glass and grab a bottle of his 10% Double Pale Ale instead. The founder of the Swedish PangPang brewery says “Some people have told me that they used the beer as a conditioner. I would much rather drink the beer.” The beer is designed for the shower at 180 ml and can thusly be consumed quickly, before the heat of the shower makes it too warm. As Fortune notes, the label is printed on the bottle instead of on paper, which prevents the label from disintegrating from the water.

BRLO Opens its BRWHOUSE in Berlin

After their successful pop up version of the Brwhouse, the Berlin-based brewery just opened the door to its permanent location which includes a mobile brewery, a restaurant, bar, and beer garden. We’re very excited to welcome another beer-focused location in Germany’s capital, particularly one where the food is also very tasty and goes so exceptionally well with the brews on tap. During the summer guests can enjoy the view onto Gleisdreieck Park while the kitchen flames are sure to capture the visitor’s attention in the cold months. Cheers, here’s to Brlo!


Foto: Photo via Tim Klöcker.

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