Beer, Bars & Brewers #33

In beer news this week Stone Brewing Berlin gets a new Vice President and General Manager,  South Florida celebrates the first ever female centric brew fest FemAle Brew Fest, Craft Beer magazine discusses how to best age beer, and German craft brewers have come together to form a new union: Deutsche Kreativbrauer e.V.

It’s spring, won’t we all be drinking more beer as soon as the rays of sun begin to hit us? If so, learn how to do it properly. Food52 teaches their readers how to pour the perfect glass in their latest article. In more news, we said we never wanted to start a beer magazine … and now we’re doing just that, starting our very own beer magazine. Head on over to Bier, Bars & Brauer to make sure you’ll be kept in the loop for our official launch. Any day now! Prost!

New Vice President and General Manager at Stone Brewing Berlin

Last week Stone announced its new Vice President and General Manager. Marcus Thieme has made a name for himself through his work at Jägermeister, where he spent the past 16 years developing the markets in Europe, Africa, and the States. Thieme has got his work cut out for him: last year Stone made the jump to sell in German supermarkets and they’ve got grand plans to fully establish themselves on the European market, before the craft breweries start doing each other in like in the States.

Stone has also laid its claim to the German American folk festival, which is set to take place between July 21st and August 13th. Thieme will be working (with) and beneath CEO Dominic Engels und co-founder and Executive Chairman Greg Koch, who continues to be strongly involved in the Berlin brewery from Richmond, Virginia.

South Florida’s First Ever Beer Festival Celebrating Women in The Brewing Industry

On the weekend of May 28th, 2017 South Florida will play host to the first ever beer festival celebrating women in the brewing industry. “The FemAle Brew Fest will host a large selection of Female run Breweries plus various vendors, music and a selection of artisanal food pairings from local female run establishments”, Craft Beer magazine announced. According to a Stanford University study out of 1,700 active breweries surveyed, only 4% had a female head brewer or brewmaster. The event will feature only beers made my breweries with a female head brewer, brewmaster or owned and operated by women. Good on you Florida.

Aging Beer: Vertically or Horizontally?

Craft Beer magazine author Andy Sparhawk dedicated himself to the age old question: how do you correctly age your beer? Though he has “no empirical data to back it up”, he believes that you aren’t placing your beer in peril by storing it horizontally (as many purists would believe). “The belief that a beer can’t age successfully on its side comes from bits and pieces of beer folklore that have spread as craft beer dogmas. It is these commonly held beer beliefs that serve to bolster a snob mentality, which undermines the freedom we have to enjoy beer how we choose and discourages well-intentioned, uninitiated beer drinkers from starting their own beer journey”.

While discussing the right way to age, Sparhawk lands at a much bigger problem. That many of these so-called facts thrown around the still relatively new craft beer scene, aren’t facts. “The vast information available online can cause some beer drinkers to accept what others have said without proper critique”. He believes that the initiated need to protect newbies from (what the kids these days call) “Fake News”. One must challenge widely held beliefs and only trust in facts and date.


Last week ten German brewery announced the formation of a new union: the Deutsche Kreativbrauer e.V. Those in the know will have heard rumblings over the past few weeks and the press release made it official. The Deutsche Kreativbrauer are taking a stance and very decidedly not calling themselves “craft”, instead their aim is to to offer counter-design to the concept of the “Reinheitsgebot”. If a ingredient is of high quality, natural, and safe for the consumer it should be allowed in beer. We expect at least a handful of more names to join these ranks soon, but as of now these are the official members:

Andreas Seufert – Pax Bräu, Oberelsbach
Oliver Wesseloh – Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei, Hamburg
Thomas Wachno – Hopfenstopfer, Bad Rappenau
Christian Hans Müller – Hanscraft & Co., Aschaffenburg
Kolja Gigla – Mashsee Brauerei, Hannover
Johannes Heidenpeter – Heidenpeters, Berlin
Simon Siemsglüss – Buddelship Brauerei, Hamburg
Fritz Wülfing – Ale-Mania Craftbeer, Bonn
Thorsten Schoppe – Schoppe Bräu, Berlin
Maximilian Krieger – Riedenburger Brauhaus, Riedenburg


Foto: Photo via Tim Klöcker.

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