Beer, Bars & Brewers #18

Welcome back to this week’s BBB! Today we’ve got some changes at the Berlin Beer Academy for you, the second Mainz-based CraftBeerMesse is happening, Punch weighs in on beer cocktails, and Arab brewers are making a splash.

As of yesterday, Stone Brewing Berlin is officially open. Swing by when you’re next in our beloved German capital and make sure to try your way through the various taps. Don’t forget to have some food, rumor has it the plates at Stone are very good as well.

Change at the Berlin Beer Academy

At her own bequest Sylvia Kopp has left the Berlin Beer Academy. Kopp previously acted as the Academy’s director and was also a partner. Though an explanation was kept vague, it’s said that Kopp wishes to dedicate herself to other projects in the future. We’ll be keeping an ear out for what said projects might entail.

Second Mainzer Craft Beer Fair

The Mainz-based craft beer festival CraftBeerMesse is proud to announce that the event will take place for the second time on the 25th and 26th of November. This year the CBM will take place in an even bigger event space, meaning that you’ve got a chance to try more beers! Forty breweries have already announced their attendance, more will surely follow. Don’t forget any of your tasting notes with the event’s handy “fair guide” that lists all the brewers and their beers and leaves space for your notes. Visitors will also be able to buy equipment for their home brews at the connected hobby brewer’s market. Daily tickets cost 10,- € and the opening times are 2pm – 10pm. Buy a ticket for two days at 17,- €.

Mixing with Beer

Making cocktails with beer has been a thing for a long time. But now, more than ever, mixologists have a vast array of different brews to work with. Over at Punch author Nathan Mattisse delves into the current state of the beer cocktails and also offers a primer on how to pair spirits with IPAs, stouts, and more.Suffice to say, amateur mixologists who love a good brew incorporated into their cocktails should give this a read.

Arab Brewers Making an Impact despite Restrictive Beer Laws

The Jordanian beer brewer Yazan Karadsheh is looking to improve his growth after his initial risky opening proved to pay off. The brewer “generated millions of dollars to pour into his Carakale”, so the drinks business, and is now planning on importing his beer to the States. “Over the past decade regional beer consumption has risen to 44%, with 4 million hectoliters (105 million gallons) guzzled in nine Arab countries and Israel last year”.

So the market exists. Of the drinking culture in Arab countries Karadsheh says” “Obviously, they drink. Alcohol might be taboo, but you can find alcohol and buy alcohol easily in the market. Jordan is a very liberal place, compared to surrounding countries”. Perhaps these countries will go the way of India.


Foto: Photo via Shutterstock. Post: Tim Klöcker.

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