Beer, Bars & Brewers #5

Doesn’t beer just taste a little bit better once the sun is out? We certainly think so, which is why we’ve got a permanent smile plastered on our face these days. Are you ready for a new craft beer related magazine?

The founders of ‘Craft Beer’ certainly hope so and are currently looking for funding via Kickstarter. California’s drought is pushing brewers to new innovations and the winners of Greece’s third Beer Bartender Awards were announced. Cheers!

New Craft Beer Magazine Aptly titled: Craft Beer

Just in time to fill the craft beer magazine niche, the three beer lovers Boris Georgiev, Sven Möller, and Sebastian Schack decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund their newest venture; a German craft beer magazine that “authentically reports on craft beer for the industry by industry people”. The magazine hopes to include a wide range of explanatory texts that are relevant for newcomers to craft beer, as well as offering in depth articles brewing terminology and techniques. To give the reader that authentic experience the three founders are declining to advertise large breweries and just recently rejected an offer from Veltins.

They will however, need to bring some mass suitability to this project as the planned first release includes 28,000 prints. The first issue will be released on the 31st of March 2010 and will cost 7,50 €, the crowdfunding campaign is directed towards further issues of the magazine and is also a vehicle to explore the public’s interest in the craft beer magazine project. Goal is 10.000 €  in donations, with eight days left to go the campaign is still missing a solid 6.180 €.

California’s Drought is Pushing Innovation

California’s drought has been a problem for the state for over five years now. Architect Russ Drinker (if ever there was a name … ) became increasingly frustrated at how the government was handling the problem: only pushing for conservation instead of also paying attention to water recycling. Last week The Guardian spoke to him about brewing beer from “recycled greywater (that is, water that’s been treated after use in sinks, showers and washing clothes)”.

San Francisco based microbrewery Half Moon Bay Brewing Company agreed to make their Mavericks Tunnel Vision IPA with the recycled water. ”Made using the same Nasa water recycling technology as astronaut Scott Kelly used during his year long stint on the International Space Station, the tasting panel couldn’t detect which of the two pints was made with recycled water”. The current situation doesn’t allow the treated recycled water to be pumped back into the drinking water supply, but Drinker wants to “focus instead on using the beer as a tool to catch the eye of both policymakers and the public”.

Winners of the Third Greek Beer Industry Beer Bartender Awards

Last week the winners of Greece’s third BeerBartender Awards were announced. Voting was open to consumers and professionals from Greece and abroad. As the press release notes “most participants took part in the voting through social media, something that confirms the continued growth of the digital channels both on the part of the voters as well as the brewing companies, which promoted their participation by inviting their fans, by means of various posts, to support them with their vote”.

The title of best Greek Brewery went to Olympic Brewery Greek, Septem Microbrewery was awarded the best microbrewery, and the best Greek Beer Company went to W. S. Karoulias. For more information on all twelve categories go here. 


Foto: Bottles via Shutterstock. Post: Tim Klöcker.

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