Beer, Bars & Brewers in November II

Welcome back, welcome beer! We’re excited to hear that this year’s London Beer Week went so well, that it’s set to return in February of 2016.

The LA Times takes a look at the money making machine that is the modern craft beer industry, Beck’s is supremely proud of its “award-winning” “Pale Ale”, you can now print 3D using leftovers found in the brewing process, New Belgium brings out two gluten free brews, and the countdown is set for Stone’s first Berlin-brewed beer!

London Beer Week to return for Second Year

After the success of the inaugural London Beer Week the event is set to be repeated next year. Drinks International reports that over 8,500 attendees visited the festival and that  £50,000 was injected into the London hospitality scene. The organizers hope to increase the number of exhibitors to 150 over the next year. 2016 will also see more talks and debates around the topic of beer. London Beer Week 2016 will take place at the Old Truman Brewery from the 22nd of February. Tickets are on sale now for £10 from here.

How much is that Brewery in the Window?

After San Diego’s Ballast Point, “a craft brewery that got its start in the back of a home-brew supply store in 1992”, was bought for $1 billion by the beverage conglomerate Constellation Brands Inc. last week, the LA Times took it upon itself to research the worth of beer. The sale is indeed a huge deal, as proven by its equally huge price tag. “Even Ballast Point’s chief commercial officer, Earl Kight, admitted surprise when confronted with the size of the deal. “I can’t believe it either,” he said”. The gist of the article is this: beer sales are stagnating while craft beer sales are only increasing. Big beer wants to get in on this, which is why Heineken bought a 50% stake in Lagunitas, MillerCoors acquired San Diego’s Saint Archer Brewing Co., and Anheuser-Busch InBev’s bought Golden Road Brewing of Los Angeles.

These moves all represent a shift in the beer industry, noticeably also by last month’s mega deal between Anheuser-Busch InBev and rival SABMiller. At the end of the day it comes down to money. Ballast Point founder Jack White says that they considered an IPO but decided to go with Constellation folks this “allows us to focus on what we do best, rather than be a public company. We can focus on the beer and let them focus on the business”. Which is probably what most brewers and beer people would love to do, if cash flow allowed them to.

Beck’s Award Winning Products

Last week Beck’s was awarded with not just one, but three prizes. In a twist of irony that will punch any beer lover in the gut, its three new “craft beers” (Pale Ale, Amber Lager, and Beck’s 1873) were the lucky recipient of the ‘Product of the Year’, ‘Bestseller’, and ‘Red Dot Design Award’.

Anheuser-Busch InBev is giving itself a huge pat on the back right about now, proud of the fact that they’re still industry innovators and feeling smug that ‘they still got it’. ‘Product of the Year’ was awarded by the industry magazine Lebensmittel Praxis in cooperation with market research institute Innofact AG. Ridiculous, we thought you’d like this tidbit for a good laugh.

3Dom’s 3D printed Beer Products

Last year American 3D printer 3Dom started a new range, named c2Composite, where they used coffee grounds to print in 3D. Now they’ve expanded their range with byproducts that are produced during the brewing process. CEO Jake Clark explains “We get the byproduct from a local major label brewing plant. It’s stuff that would otherwise just be placed in a landfill. We specifically look to make useful supposedly unusable material.” Unlike its counterpart “Ground Up”, which smells of coffee during the printing process, “Buzzed” won’t release any beer or yeast smell.

New Belgium to Enter Gluten-Free Beer Market in 2016

New Belgium announced its plans for gluten-free beer in 2016. BrewBound writer Chris Furnari explains that New Belgium is using an enzyme which breaks down gluten proteins, ensuring both of its new “Glütiny” beers meet the FDA standard for gluten free. Company spokesman Bryan Simpson has said that the new beers are meant to be exciting to gluten drinkers as well “We didn’t want to compromise on flavor, mouthfeel or body. These beers deliver the full flavored experience craft drinkers expect foremost with the added benefit of being gluten-reduced”.

Not the first to hop on the gluten free brew train, New Belgium joins the ranks of Craft Brew Alliance and Stone Brewing, who have both brought out gluten free beers over the last 12 months. 

Stone’s first Berlin-brewed Beer ready for the 7th of December 2015

The first Berlin-brewed Stone is currently in the making. On the 7th of December, at 6pm sharp, Stone’s first Berlin beer will be available at more than 40 Berlin bars and restaurants. Not just Berlin though, you’ll find Stone Xocoveza on tap in many further German and European cities. If you’re in Berlin, head to either The Castle Pub, the Monterrey Bar, Kaschk or Hopfenreich to enjoy your first capital-brewed beer, Christmas-themed Xocoveza.

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