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The Top Five Underrated Bars in Berlin


Cocktail bars in Berlin are easier to find than ever. Nobody can deny that the secret’s out about the German capital, but there are still many under the radar. Bars like Windhorst or Kupfer Bar which deserve your attention. Here are our top five.

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European Masters of Bartending: Dirk Hany


MIXOLOGY author Andrew Wilkin meets Dirk Hany for his continuing series on the European Masters of Bartending. He’s a man who’s built up a name for himself as both a brand ambassador and as the Bar Manager at Zürich’s acclaimed Widder Bar. What makes him tick?  Read more

Facts: Seven Berlin Spirits


Hint: Berliner Weisse with green syrup isn’t one of them! No, we’re talking here about herbal liqueur, vodka, gin, caraway liqueur and more herbal liqueur. Berlin’s distilling tradition goes way back. Join us on a tour of Berlin’s wide range of local distillates past and present with our full-time Berlin resident author, Peter Eichhorn.