FIVE! Alternatives to Egg White

Drinks 16.3.2016 3 comments

Drinks with egg are not just for your Granny! But many folks seem to think so, and they avoid drinks with egg white like the plague. The fact is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Shortly before the winter holidays, when the eggnog was flowing like water in other countries, we took a critical look at the question of whether it’s possible to replace fresh egg white behind the bar. And if so, how?

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  1. Andreas Kuenster

    “But the question remains as to why one should use something like this when you can buy organic eggs straight from the farm that pose virtually no risk whatsoever when handled properly? A fresh, undamaged egg rinsed on the outside with hot water before handling (yes, salmonella can also hide on the outer shell) is absolutely safe, even when it’s raw. All of which kind of nullifies the argument in favor of the pasteurized version.”

    Hello JJ or Nils,

    Salmonella Bacterias are ALWAYS on the outside of the shell. There is no egg that comes already with the egg infected when it’s healthy or unbroken. The rule is to wash the hands but NEVER EVER the egg itself.
    With hot or even cold water there is a higher risk that you will break a tiny outer skin of the eggshell that secures the shell and so salmonella bacterias have an easy way in to the egg itself.


    • Jerry

      I’m alergic to eggs. It’s a pretty common allergy. That’s the reason I’m looking into alternatives.

  2. Diane

    You may poo poo dangers of egg whites in Pisco sours , as I would have before my husband almost died from salmonella typhus that went septic. He’s still not well more than a month later. I’d say better safe than sorry…or dead!

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