Inventory for August 14th, 2016

In this week’s inventory Gordon’s gin gets a redesign, BlackTail is set to open a Cuban bar in New York, Hamburg’s late night shops are ruining St. Pauli’s clubs, and eBay launches its own wine online wine shop in the UK. Cheers!

The Olympics are in full swing (I hope we all saw Simone Biles absolutely kill it?!) and there’s never been a better time to pretend we’ve always been super interested in the more obscure sports. To help those of us watching at home, put together a lovely collection of Olypmic cocktails. Go forth and drink fellow gold medalists in couch sitting!

Gordon’s Classic gets a New Look

It’s been a long, long time that Gordon’s bottle design has seen a change. The world’s most sold gin just underwent a complete redesign and is launching a new campaign this fall. The new, high-quality and modern feel to the design is said to bring across the gin’s quality and tradition even more than before.

BlackTail is the Dead Rabbit Team’s next Great Cocktail Spot

New York cult bar Dead Rabbit is opening it’s next location: the Cuban bar Blacktail is set to open its doors on August 15th, 2016. Hemingway lived in Cuba during the Prohibition era when “American bars were either closing or risking everything to keep serving patrons”, “BlackTail is meant to evoke an American bar set in Cuba, with classic photos of the island country on the walls and the staff wearing jaunty tan fedoras”. Rum will play a strong role on the menu, nothing else makes sense. Sean Muldoon says “Rum was probably the first spirit that I was into when I was learning cocktails”. A seafood-heavy small plates menu with items like ancho chili glazed chicken lollipops, Gulf shrimp and watermelon skewers, and Cuban sliders will accompany the cocktails.

In a Facebook post Muldoon gave some more personal insight into the project: “BlackTail is an idea that’s been in our heads for the last ten years; ever since we started reading cocktail books and read about the exploits of Ernest Hemingway, and his influence on bars, bartenders, and drinks. It’s a projects we’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to do, until now … This bar is our own personal tribute to Ernest Hemingway – the greatest man that ever lived!”

Hamburg’s late night Corner Shops are Ruining St. Pauli

… at least according to the district officer Falko Droßmann. The late night corner shop is a common occurrence in most large European cities. In Berlin the “Spätis” are usually open 24 hours a day and are the end-all destination for late night cigarette, beer, or candy runs. In Hamburg’s St. Pauli area the “Kioske” sell 1-Euro beers, 3-Euro G&Ts, and 4-Euro Mojitos. Bar owners are understandably not too pleased. Guests often go to one establishment to dance and pee (their words, not ours!) but then will head to a Kiosk for a short break and a cheap refreshment. Of course the Kiosk still pay an exorbitant amount in rent for only a couple of square meters, that’s nothing compared to the cost any club will have (license, larger space, security, more staff, etc.. ). St. Pauli’s club owners are set to meet in three weeks time to brainstorm ideas, until then it’s up to the guests to “drink where they dance”.

eBay Launches UK Wine Shop

Earlier this summer we heard from Deliveroo’s new alcohol delivery service, now eBay is following suit. The online auction site has partnered with Worldwide Vines (why not vorldvide vines?) to create a wine platform, so The Drinks Business.

As of right now the platform has 135 wines available, a range that is set to increase to 1,000 by the end of 2016. Paul Anthony Gidley, CEO of UK Wine Consultations and the Grape Foundation and the creator of Worldwine Vines says “When Ebay decides to do a new category, they do it properly,” he said. “The commitment has been outstanding – it has been a complete conversation between them and me as to what needs to be done and why.” The service will offer a “48 hour delivery service for a flat-rate charge of £6.20”. The first available wines are a mix of mid priced wines and champagne, but a selection of fine and rarer wines is set to roll out over the next three months.


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