Inventory for August 17th, 2014

Welcome to our latest inventory! This week we explore how the European wine sector is in danger of Russian sanctions, drinking habits of famous authors are revealed, a Swiss court denied Absinthe’s Geographical Indication certification, Mr. Lyan reveals his line of bottled cocktails and Jim Beam releases a new, limited edition flavor perfect for fall.

The calendar might still stay summer, but we’re feeling the colder season approach. Not a bad thing, we’ll happily enjoy the last, lazy weekends spent at the lake, the last outdoor BBQs before Indian Summer approaches. At which point you can find us wrapped in a wool blanket, nose deep in a book with a hot toddy in hand. Which might just be the perfect drink for Jim Beam’s new Maple edition.
1)  European Wine Sector In Danger of Russian Sanctions

Gabriel Savage reports that European wines are the first drinks sector to deal with the backlash of the recent breakdown between relations with Russia, which is considering a ban on European wine. Savage notes that the Russian government is planning to meet on August 20th to discuss if the ban will be put into effect. According to the article, France and Italy are Russia’s largest wine exporters, accounting for over 35% of the country’s $850 million total wine imports. This move follows Russia’s August 7th full embargo on European and US food imports as a response to the Western’s countries sanctions on Ukrainian imports. The wine sector isn’t alone in this, though no official proposal has been announced the deteriorating relations between Russia and the EU could potentially damage the strong, recent growth Russia has seen in the whiskey sector. Both Diageo and Pernod Ricard posted significant growth in the area over the last financial year. All of which would disappear with the snap of a sanction.

2)  Drinking Habits of Famous Authors

Over at ShortList the editorial department had some fun compiling a list of famous authors and their drinking habits. Known for documenting the glitzy, boozing ways of the 1920 it’s no surprise that F. Scott Fitzgerald made the list with his Gin Rickey. A nod to Stephen King details his toxic relationship with beer, always consumed at home, never in company. Another no brainer: Hunter S. Thompson, the author famously built his drinking habits into his prose. The amount of Wild Turkey he could drink is the stuff of legends. Find the full list here. One grievance we have to air: Would it have been too much to ask for to include female authors? Women write, women also drink. Where’s the problem? Joan Didion has a favorite drink, so does Gloria Steinem and so did Anaĩs Nin. We’d like to think we’ve come further than considering booze and writing a ‘boys only club’.

3)  Absinthe’s Geographical Indication Certification Denied by Swiss Court

Last week Absinthe’s geographical indication certification was denied by a Swiss court, with only one reason given: The generic term Absinth can not be protected. Even a slightly modified version of the GI (Absinthe de Val de Tavers for example) would require a complete new application, starting the process anew. Numerous Val de Travers’ distillers have removed themselves from the initiative, leaving only a small handful (Yves Kübler, Claude-Alain Bugnon, and Gaudentia Persoz) to deal with the legal matter of name protection. For now, we sit and wait to see if the three remaining distillers will arrange themselves with this decision or take the more costly and risky route of giving the GI one last shot.

4)  Mr. Lyan’s Bottled Cocktails

Not only did London-based White Lyan clean up as Best Newcomer at Tales of the Cocktail 2014, now its proudly releasing a range of bottled cocktails. Made by renowned mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana, aka Mr. Lyan, the unique range features a package designed by Natasha Chetiyawardana’s company Bow & Arrow that uses Mr. Lyan’s own, hand drawn illustrations. The range includes cocktails titled Candlelit Manhatten, Spotless Martini, Diamond Rickey, Rainy Day Spritz and the Old Fashioned’. Chetiyawardana put his creativity to good use in the ‘Old Fashioned’, which includes whisky, cola bitters and a rare lapsang souchong tea—adding an unusual, smoky depth to the cocktail. Head over to Masters of Malt for a full breakdown of all cocktails.

5)  Jim Beam Announces Limited ‘Maple’ Edition

Last week Jim Beam announced the release of its new product, Jim Beam Maple, just in time for fall. Available for a limited time only the spirit balances the typical bourbon whiskey flavor with the maple syrups’ sweetness—perfect for the colder, cozier season. When drunk on ice, warm tones mingle with hints of smoky oak and caramel. Maple syrup is a staple in American cuisine, used as an ingredient in recipes ranging from ice cream to pork medallion sauce. Jim Beam is eager to introduce the German market to the syrups’ versatility. Available in 0,7 liter bottles from 1. September and retailing for 13,99 Euro.


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