Inventory for December 17th, 2017

Hi pals! This the year’s last inventory! Crazy, no? As the year comes to an end, we bid adieu to one of our own: editor-to-the stars Sarah Liewehr is leaving MIXOLOGY for distant waters and we’re all devastated to see her go. So many of the delightful topics you’ve seen pop up in the Inventory over the past three-and-a-half years were lovingly hand-picked by Sarah, and this column would only be half as snarky without her. For that, and so much more that would be inappropriate to name here, we’re grateful to her. She’ll be sorely missed.

Do you have what everyone else has: the usual December cold that’s left your nose runny and your taste buds shot? Then drink whisky! At least that’s what Tessa McLean over at would tell you. She talks about drinking whisky to kill any germs that are lingering around the glass at a bar, though. Different approach, same result. Happy holidays!

Kyrö Distillery’s Rye is Finally Out

As reported by the spirits business “Kyrö Distillery has released the first Finnish rye whisky, stocks of which are ‘considerably smaller than originally planned’.” Only 360 bottles of Kyrö’s Single Malt Rye Whisky have been released, because the demand for the distillery’s rye gin skyrocketed. “Napue Gin is currently exported to 28 countries and sales continue to grow, but now after significant expansion works at the distillery, whisky production is once again running at full capacity. This first limited batch of Kyrö Single Malt Rye Whisky is only the first taste of great things to come as larger quantities mature over the next couple of years.” In addition to Napue Gin, Kyrö Distillery makes cask-aged gin Koskue, new-make whisky spirit Juuri and long drink LongKyrö.

The Art of Drinking Alone

There are many arts in the field of drinking: the art of daytime drinking, the art of drinking just enough, the art of drinking without the dreaded hangover. In this piece, however, Punch author Brad Thomas Parsons focuses on the art of drinking alone, something many a barfly is surely a master in. Parsons recalls his father’s characteristic drinking habits in this deeply personal essay, discussing how he’d search for his father in the older man’s local haunts. “It’s true, a bar can be a beacon for the sad and lonely or those just weary after a miserable day at work, but even when you’re drinking alone, you’re a featured cast member in the organic community that springs up around a bar – whether the actual bar is at a tavern, a restaurant, a hotel or a members only club.” Parsons writes beautifully about the intimacy of a bar, and how rewarding it can be to be a regular. Head on over to Punch for the whole piece, it’s well worth the read.

ProWein to Feature Beer for the First Time

“ProWein is to feature beer and cider for the first time in its 24-year history when it opens its doors in Düsseldorf in March,” The Drinks Business reports. Many other spirits fairs have jumped on the beer truck and it looks like ProWein is following suit. “Using an existing name for a section within the fair called ‘Same but Different’, ProWein 2018 will contain a new space, Hall 7.0, dedicated to ‘craft’ beers, ciders and spirits, following a demand from visitors for these products.

Berlemann told The Drinks Business this week, ‘Having questioned our visitors over the past couple of years, it has emerged that there is an interest in craft beer and spirits, and so our research department has told us that we would be crazy not to respond to this demand. As the world’s leading wine show we must listen to the market, and if you go into a specialist wine shop anywhere in the world you will see more craft beers and spirits’.” ‘Same but Different’ will be branded differently from the rest of the exhibition, effectively making it an independent show that benefits from the ProWein audience. ProWein and Same but Different will run from 18 to 20 March 2018.


Foto: Photo via Shutterstock.

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