Inventory for January 15th, 2017

Hi friends! The week started off with some sad news: Heaven Hills’ master distiller died after battling Lou Gehrig’s disease. We’ve also got some silly news, namely that Ralph Lauren is set to open its equestrian-themed bar “Ralph’s” in London as well as some kooky ingredients you might not expect to find your booze. Let’s finish with a new shot, that’s making the news – the Angel Shot won’t get you drunk, though it might save you from a truly awful night. Cheers!

It’s green and it’s back. Berlin’s “Grüne Woche” will once again take place from January 20th to 29th, 2017. Expect street food stalls, craft beer, small manufacturers showcasing their wares, and unique bites: everything from vegan ice cream over to pulled pork. Nomyblog has got the details, we can’t wait.

Heaven Hills’ Master Distiller Dies

Some sad news to start off the year – last week Parker Beam, the Kentucky bourbon’s Master Distiller, died after battling Lou Gehrig’s disease. Beam worked for Heaven Hill, the makers of Evan Williams, for over half a century. Heaven Hill’s president Max L. Shapira said “He was a true industry giant long before the current bourbon renaissance. Without question, he was committed to our industry and possessed a real passion for the craft of distilling”. Beam was a grandnephew of Jim Beam.

Ralph Lauren Opens Bar in London

Getting into the hospitality biz, are ya’ Ralph? And of course it’s equestrian-themed. How could it bloody well not be? The Spirits Business reports that Ralph’s Coffee & Bar will feature saddle-leather seating, a brass-topped bar, dark wood panelling, polo accessories and an array of equestrian-themed artwork”. Equestrian-themed artwork! Ralph’s has previously opened businesses in Chicago, Paris, and New York. The 40 seater will offer wine, classic cocktails (let’s hope those aren’t equestrian-themed, a Horse’s Neck adorned with real horsehair anyone?), as well as a wide selection of coffee styled, breakfast, and light meals. Cool move brah, please don’t come to Berlin.

Kooky Liquor Ingredients just put together a list of unexpected ingredients one can find in booze. They say, “In this era of boozy experimentation, distillers are pushing the envelope of traditional spirit definitions in an effort to differentiate themselves from one another. Terms like craft and artisan get bandied about with glee, but frankly, they mean very little as descriptors. What does resonate is the source of the distillate, which is most often a type of grain. Going against the grain—literally—is one way to stand out in a very crowded world”. The list includes sweet potato, which can be found in Corbin Cash’s Vodka, Western Dry Gin, and Blended Whiskey. Click here to see the rest of the kooky ingredients.

The Angel Shot

Nope, not some blue concoction your local dive thought of but a shot that could save you when things get weird on a first date. More and more people are going on blind dates through the rise of dating apps like Tinder. When back in the old day (I assume) one would perhaps take a friend with you, meeting a stranger in a bar has become so common that most people wouldn’t think twice about it. This can lead to trouble. Bars are trying to be a safe haven for their customers by offering things like the “angel shot”.

Thought to have originated in the UK, the system works as follows: if you order an angel shot neat, “your bartender will escort you to your vehicle”; if you order it with ice, “your bartender will call an Uber or Lyft”; if you order it with lime, “your bartender will call the police”. This isn’t the first scheme of its kind, we’ve seen “Ask for Angela” and the “Black Dot” become a thing over the last few years. The Guardian notes that not everybody is on board with this though, because it ends up leaving women responsible to protect themselves from men. You know, don’t dress provocatively and you’ll be okay. If it only were so easy. Until we can all just agree to be decent human beings and not rape each other though, this seems like a pretty smart plan B.


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