Inventory for January 22nd, 2017

Cheerio pals! This week we’ve got a Jack Daniel’s whiskey-infused coffee for ya’, as well as the psychology behind cocktails as told by Bar Hemingway’s legendary head bartender, a new citrus expression from the people behind Absolut Vodka, and a signed trump whisky that sold for 6k. Drink up folks, the world has never been bleaker!

You’ll have survived the inauguration by now, which means that the time to drink is now. The good people over at Grub Street compiled a list of 12 strong cocktails to get you through this weekend. Though their list is firmly NY-planted, we can’t help but think that we’d very much enjoy the Groggnog as well. A frozen eggnog that’s spiked with cognac, rum, nutmeg, orange zest, and candied orange. Yes please, that’ll blow away the January blues.

Jack Daniel’s Launches Whiskey-Infused Coffee

For those of you who only wake up with the scent of whiskey, this coffee is for you. The Spirits Business notes that the coffee was created “in partnership with roasting company World of Coffee, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Coffee sees 100% medium-roasted Arabica coffee infused with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey – resulting in ‘caramel and vanilla notes’”. The Arabica coffee is infused with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. The coffee will be sold in the States as ground as both regular and decaffeinated.

The Psychology of Cocktails

Last week Quartz took to explaining the psychology behind drinking a cocktail. They spoke to Colin Field, Bar Hemingway’s legendary head bartender, who told them that he can “prescribe a drink based on his read of a customer’s body language, clothing, and mood”. At a cocktail making lesson, Field took Quartz behind his process. Before making someone a drink he asks himself the following questions: “For whom am I making this cocktail? Why (or what occasion) am I making this cocktail for? Why is that person going to drink this cocktail?”

Field notes, rattling off questions like a sleuth. “There’s always a reason for having a cocktail.” He says “A person in business attire who looks stressed will go for a quick, dry cocktail like a martini to produce an instant calming effect. Vodka-based drinks are preferred by day drinkers because the smell is virtually undetectable on someone’s breath. A business person, ready to unwind, will go for a long drink like a Tom Collins or a highball”. Field even has the perfect recipe for America’s new president (champagne), as well as for Hillary (a bottle of scotch, what else?).

Absolut Launches Absolut Lime as Latest Addition to the Brand’s Flavor Portfolio

Another citrus branch graces the ranks of Absolut Vodka. This time, it’s all about the lime. Their press release announces that “In addition to hitting nightlife destinations and at-home bar carts nationwide, Absolut Lime will step into the ‘limelight’ at the 59th Grammy Awards on February 12, 2017. The brand’s multifaceted sponsorship will include TV, digital, social and a signature GRAMMY Awards cocktail – the Absolut Limelight”.

Pernod Ricard USA’s Director of Marketing Nick Guastaferro says “Lime is a very dynamic and complex fruit and we believe we’ve created the perfect flavor blend in Absolut Lime to enhance and elevate a variety of cocktails. hanks to a delicious flavor and easy mixability, Absolut Lime is great for going out or staying in, for creating simple or complex cocktails. We can’t wait to see how our fans take Absolut Lime and make it their own to create their Absolut Nights.”

Signed Trump Whisky Auctioned for 6k

Bought by an idiot with too much money and too little brain? Most likely. The Spirits Business reports that “A bottle of 26-year-old GlenDronach single malt whisky signed by US president-elect Donald Trump has sold for £6,000 (US$7.4k) at auction – more than double the estimated price”. The expression was bottled in 2012 to commemorate the opening of Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire and was purchased by a Canadian buyer.

McTear’s whisky expert says “The GlenDronach is a stunning whisky in its own right however, the Trump connection gave this particular bottle a presidential boost.” Gross, “presidential boost”? Unfortunately we are using that term to associate the orange, wispy-haired monstrosity. The Spirits Business, in all its glory, ended their whiskey article with this little gem though: “Earlier this month, bottles of Donald Trump’s defunct vodka brand were pulled from shelves in Israel after the country’s Chief Rabbinate found them to be non-compliant with kosher regulations”. Thanks for getting your priorities right.


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