Inventory for June 19th, 2016

Cheers to this week’s inventory! Let’s have a look at Smirnoff’s new vodka-based fruit cider with which it plans to revolutionize the market, Borcos’s new pisco, the Spirited Awards’ finalists, and Dead Rabbit’s debut in London.

It’s that time of year, here in Europe the EM is in full swing and you can’t walk any Berlin sidewalk without stumbling into at least three huge public viewing screens. If you’re more inclined to have an intimate party, let us guide your way. Find your choice of drinks here and their accompanying snacks here. Let the games begin (or … continue, in this case).

Smirnoff Launches Vodka-Based Fruit Cider

Thus, fulfilling its parent companies’ dream of “revolutionising the fruit cider category”. The Spirits Business reports that the cider will be available in two flavors: raspberry & pomegranate and passionfruit & lime. It’s described as “a blend of lightly fizzed cider, fruit flavours and Smirnoff vodka”. Claire O’Neill, Diageo GB’s innovation commercialisation manager said “By entering into the fruit cider category under the strength of the Smirnoff brand name, and with two original flavour offerings, we’re confident Smirnoff will take cider to the next level.”

Borco Expands Portfolio with Pisco El Gobernador

Borco, one of Germany’s well-known importers, just grew its portfolio by adding the Pisco El Gobernador to its range. The aromatic pisco is made in Chile and has found quite a following in Europe over the last few years. Torres, the house producing it, is known as one of the world’s most famous wine houses and has its headquarters in Spain with offices all around the world. Including Chile, since 1979.

Tales of the Cocktail Top 10 Nominees for the 10th Annual Spirited Awards

Like every year, The Spirited Awards are almost upon us, this one marks the tenth anniversary. In their own words “the Spirited Awards were created in 2007 to recognize this year’s best bars, bartenders, writers, experts in the hard working service industry”. Over 24 categories 10 top nominees were selected. “These nominees are just a snapshot of the talent and creativity that is in our industry today. In order to truly capture what is going on in the global cocktail movement, our short lists would need to be doubled.” said Simon Ford, Spirited Awards Chairman and host. The shortlist of four finalists for each category will be announced on Monday, June 20th. Until then, we look forward to perusing the complete list here.

Dead Rabbit Debuts in London

New York’s infamous Dead Rabbit bar will take up a residency at the Big Easy in London’s Canary Wharf for two weeks, from June 16th onwards after which it will move to the Big Easy in Covent Garden from June 27th to July 13th. Bartenders from the Dead Rabbit are set to join the Big Easy team in presenting a list of 12 drinks, priced at £9 each. The the new cocktails were created by Big Easy’s head bartender Csabi Toth the Dead Rabbit bartenders will be serving their infamous Irish Coffee. It’s wonderful watching bartenders be true to their word and collaborate within the true sense of the word brotherhood.


Foto: Two Men via Shutterstock.

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