Inventory for March 27th, 2016

Happy Easter Sunday! If you’re hiding out from your family or you’re just tired from the egg hunt, lean back and enjoy some industry news. This week we learned that alcohol might (shocker!) not be quite as good for your health as previously thought, Stoli releases a gluten free vodka, Trump vodka is popular in Israel during Passover (how timely!), and you can now buy Bar Termini’s aged, bottled negronis online. Cheers!

Picnic season is upon us (soon!) and if you’re unsure of what goes into your basket, let us be of help. The classic New Orleans Muffuletta sandwich is a beautiful, huge monster that’s easily prepared the day before and stored in the fridge. It’ll also serve a crowd, because it’s huge. Let Eater teach you the how to combine different charcuterie, pickles, and parsley oil in a gorgeous, delicious mess of sandwich.

1) Alcohol Consumption Does Not Have Magical Effects on Your Health

We feel like we’re not alone when we tell ourselves that “a glass of red wine is good for the heart” or “gin is good for the soul”. Something that’s long been touted as scientific proof is now being discredited. Eater worked itself through a new research, recently published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, which determines “previous studies that have propped up the moderate-drinking theory had significant issues”.

The new information reads as follow “Estimates of mortality risk from alcohol are significantly altered by study design and characteristics. Meta-analyses adjusting for these factors find that low-volume alcohol consumption has no net mortality benefit compared with lifetime abstention or occasional drinking.” Well … that’s a bummer.

2) Stoli Releases Gluten Free Vodka

Where once you’d be happy to see a small ‘v’ grace a menu (for vegetarian) we’re now at the point where ‘vg’ stands for vegetarian, ‘v’ is for vegan, and ‘gf’ is for gluten free. Stoli is getting in on that trend and is set to release a gluten free vodka come April. According to Reuters, “The new vodka makes Stoli Group the first large, established, and international vodka brand to label itself gluten-free. The vodka will be made from 88% corn and 12% buckwheat”. Also, while gluten free liquor is still a niche market, “demand for gluten-free foods reached $3.3 billion worldwide in 2015, according to Euromonitor International”.

3) Trump Vodka Popular in Israel

“But I don’t recommend it. It has a pungent flavor”. Apparently, after failing to successfully sell in the States, Trump Vodka is enjoying a renaissance in Israel. But only during Passover, when those observing the dietary restrictions for the holiday are free to drink the grain free, potato vodka.

The Times of Israel spoke to shopkeeper at Yayin Ba’ir, who the lovely quote above can be attributed to. She says “we should have it in a few weeks ahead of Passover. We don’t really keep it the rest of the year,” he added, “because it doesn’t sell that well.”

4) The Negroni’s Coming of Age

Negroni has gone through several reincarnations throughout the ages and bartender Tony Conigliaro just put his own, personal twist on the classic cocktail. The Telegraph spoke to Conigliaro to take a look at his technique. Though “his version does not stray from the traditional blend … the difference comes from the way it’s treated before being served”.

Tony Conigliaro’s is pre mixed before being cooked sous-vide for several hours, then bottled. “The idea is to mimic the ageing process of a long-bottled cocktail”. Considering the aged negroni trend that swept a nation over the last few years, this is definitely the next logical step. The negroni (along with two variations of it: rose petal infused and aged for longer period of time) can be tried at London’s Bar Termini. For those of us not in London, you can also order the bottles here.


Foto: Boxer via Shutterstock.

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