Inventory for March 5th, 2017

Welcome back folks! This week we take a look at the slow rise of Paris’ craft cocktail scene, Elephant Gin releases a new (stronger) gin, and Heineken launches two craft beers in hopes of getting non-craft beer lover’s attention. It’s a wacky world we live in!

Not sure about you, but we feel like those pesky Absinthe hallucination myths just refuse to die down. Tasting Table has taken it upon itself to clear up the myth surrounding the green fairy. Find the whole story here, it’s worth a read!

Paris’ Slow Rise of Craft Cocktails

And Lindsey Tramuta literally wrote the book on it. Aptly titled “The New Paris: The People, Places & Ideas Fueling a Movement”, Tramuta documents the French capital’s creative and cultural shift which she witnessed in the city in recent years. Last week, T Magazine published an excerpt on the rise of craft cocktails in Paris. Take a look here.

ELEPHANT GIN: Now available in Elephant Strength

Elephant Gin, known for its Elephant London Dry Gin, just released its new product: Elephant Strength Gin. It is a variation of their London Dry, but comes in at a strong 57%. Both aroma and smell are meant to be heavier and more intense than the original. A little less fluid than the London Dry, the Elephant Strength boasts with an intense mouthfeel. It’s said to have the same soft, well balanced finish though. The new variation is available starting now for 37,50 € per 0,5 l bottle.

Heineken Launches Craft Beer for Non-Craft Beer Drinkers

There it is, we always need just a leeettle bit of nonsense news in our inventory, no? This week the the title goes to Heineken, for launching a  “craft beer” that’s meant to convert “non-craft beer lovers” into those who are. Why leave that to an actual craft brewery if a giant is worthy of the job? The drinks business reports that “Heineken is hoping to tempt the 75% of beer drinks who have never tried craft beer into the growing category, with the launch of two new beers under its new Maltsmiths Brewery label”.

Sam Fielding, who’s in charge of new beer at Heineken, says “This is about getting curious beer drinkers into the category and expanding their repertoire with more flavoursome beers – which will be a springboard for them to discover beers from the 1,500 breweries in the UK”. Still not sure why Heineken needs to that this on instead, you know, actual craft brewers but hey, who are we to judge?


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