Inventory for October 9th, 2016

Welcome back to this week’s inventory! Today we’re taking a look at a French social media campaign that aimed to raise awareness about alcoholism, the Roots Italian Cocktail competition, Pernod Ricard launching its Chivas Regal Ultis, and the World’s 50 Best Bar List. Cheers!

If you don’t know what’s happening over the next few days, then we can’t talk to you. Jokes aside, things have been busy here at the HQ, prepping for the Bar Convent Berlin is no joke folks! If you’d like to meet us (and we hope you do!) then please do make sure to stop by the MIXOLOGY Lounge on October 11th and 12th. We’re right by the Media Lounge and the Food Court, you can’t miss us! Taste some of the Made in GSA winners and have a chat. We promise we don’t bite!

Who Is Louise Delage?

This past summer a certain Louise Delage managed to gain several thousand followers on Instagram. Turns out though, Louise isn’t real. Instead, she’s a fictional person created by a French production company Francine Framboise for Addict Aide, “which sought to raise awareness of alcoholism among young people”. Basically the premise was this: trick many people into believing Louise is a real person, post pictures of her staring onto an ocean/on a boat while sipping some sort of beverage, then reveal that she’s fake and actually a functioning alcoholic and we should all now take a closer look at the drinking habits of the people close to us.

Sure, surely most of could do with a refresher of “what constitutes an alcoholic” but what I take a huge problem with is the fact that the company is basically saying that from following this woman on Instagram, we should have been able to gauge that she’s an alcoholic. Completely forgetting, that Instagram is a highly curated social platform. Most of these pictures could have been taken in a short 2-week span and Louise chose to dole them out over a couple of months. Plus, do you know what’s actually in that wine glass? Or in the plastic tumblr? No. Because the scratch ‘n sniff function doesn’t yet exist on Instagram. And what does this teach us? To judge our peers even more freely via their social media presence. Yup, lesson learned.

Roots Italian Cocktail Competition

Over 100 bartenders participated in this year’s Roots Cocktail Competition, the finale of which took place in Milan on the 19th of September. “Roots are transforming traditional recipes into modern premium spirits and the competition was about knowing our Roots from Italy, the land of the liqueurs, the amari, the flavours and with one of the richest bar histories & leading to Greece, a land of heritage and Roots”. The panel of judges came to the conclusion that Alessandro Pitanti won, with his Radici Profond drink.

Pernod Ricard Launches Chivas Regal Ultis

Pernod Ricard just announced that it would release its first-ever blended malt scotch whisky under the Chivas brand. Its name? Chivas Regal Ultis. It’s described as “ as a luxury blend, dedicated to the five master blenders who have kept the Chivas Regal house style since 1909”. Launched at last week’s Tax Free World Association the scotch will be available in 75 cl and 1 liter bottles. Its tasting notes are as follows “On the nose, sweet rounded, peach, red apple, cinnamon, caramel and toffee. On the palate: clementine orange, apricot juice, spicy, caramel, toffee, cloves and cinnamon”.

World’s 50 Best Bars List

Last year’s number two, is this year’s number one. New York’s Dead Rabbit bar finally toppled the reigning queen (London’s Artesian) and made its way to the top of the World’s 50 Best Bars List. In fact, the Artesian is nowhere to be found in the top five, possibly because the bar’s main duo left shortly after winning last year? London needs not to worry though, it’s represented by three bars (the American Bar, the Dandelyan, and the Connaught Bar) in the top five.

The first non New York or London based bar comes it at spot 9, Athen’s The Clumsies. Mexico City’s Licoreria Limantour is at a winning 13, while the first Scandinavian bar to make the list is Stockholm’s Linje Tio. We’re also very happy to see Copenhagen’s Ruby bar make it to spot 40. The only German bar to make it onto the list is a hometown glory – Buck & Breck managed to just squeeze in at spot 50, which seems to be a considerably long way away from last year’s 16.


Foto: Photo via Shutterstock.

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