Inventory for September 21st, 2014

Welcome to our latest inventory! This week the New York Times took a look at White Lyan’s it factor, Campari presented a new, arty, limited edition, Distill Ventures has up to £10 available in funding, Nils Wrage takes a closer look at lemonade, and Bar Convent proudly announces the Mixology Market.

We’re gearing up for fall, not only are we excited for Bar Week and Bar Convent Berlin (7th – 8th October), but also for Berlin Food Week.  A stuffed programme that promises endless days of food, booze and informative podium discussions and lectures. Partciularly Cathrin Brandes’ class on syrup and liquor caught our eye: on October 11th the multitalent will be teaching a workshop making raspberry, lemon, and herb syrups as well as showing participants how to start a liquor.

1) White Lyan’s It Factor

In an adoring profile the New York Times recently published Robert Simonson talks about that unmistakable ‘it’ which sets London’s White Lyan apart from other cocktail bars. From using only his own house spirits to questioning the reason behind why things are done just so, Ryan Chetiyawardana motivation behind opening his bar was putting out the best, possible tasting drinks. A place where cocktail nerds can come to geek out, or just enjoy the taste of the smooth drink, the NYT certainly loves The White Lyan.

2) Campari Presents Limited Art Edition

Campari’s new, limited edition bottles are a modern reinterpretation of Fortunato Depero’s work, the iconic futurism artist who, in the 20th century, worked very closely with the brand. Three of his iconic paintings were color edited and portray distinct Campari moments: creating the drink, enjoying it and the unmistakable taste. Campari thought it fitting to honor Depero as their collaborations have been intense and his work his part of Campari’s brand history.

3) Distill Ventures Has Up To £10 million Available for Entrepreneurs

Distill Ventures recently announced that up to £10 million could be made available to spirits entrepreneurs in its second year of funding. This announcement follows one which stated that the programme’s available places just doubled in numbers. Both existing spirit entrepreneurs as well as those who are just about to enter the market are welcome to the programme. The programme is proud of its budget and believes that it reflects the success of previous candidates. Applications are open until the till 28th of September.

4) Lemonade in Style

MIXOLOGY’s own Nils Wrage tackled the question of ‘sexy lemonade’ this week. Brands like Bionade and Fritz Kola revised lemonades’ slightly outdated image, and Thomas Henry just released three new taste varieties: Cherry Blossom Tonic Water, Mystic Mango, and Ultimate Grapefruit. Thomas Henry has made a name for itself through its classic bar sodas and is well known to bartenders and barflies alike. The question that remains to be answered is if they can successfully integrate their profile outside of the bar cosmos. Wrage does not wager a prediction, instead inviting readers to make up their own mind and taste the new flavors at the upcoming Bar Convent Berlin.


The night before Bar Convent Berlin 2014, October 6th,  Mixology will be hosting the inaugural MIXOLOGY MARKET. Inspired by street foods markets visitors will be able to enjoy the latest cocktail creations by bar icons like Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Belgium’s “Master of flavor” Ben Belman, and Spanish bar impresario Joao Eusebio. Markthalle Neun’s famous Streetfood Thursday will be offering savory snacks from selected stalls and the 8th Mixology Bar Awards ceremony will be broadcast live from 10pm onwards. Tickets to the Mixology market are included for trade visitors to Bar Convent Berlin who purchased their tickets online, otherwise entrance is 5,- Euro.


Foto: People via Shutterstock

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