Inventory for January 8th, 2017

Friends! In this, the very first inventory of the year, we take a look at Hidetsugu Ueno’s first own bar opening in Hong Kong and Orfeus agency set to distribute Faude Feine Brände internationally. As well: the Top Ten most iconic bars in films, and citrus-free drinks in New York’s The Eddy bar. Cheers!

Welcome back dear readers! This first inventory of 2017 is chock full of news but before we get into that, we’d like to take a moment to take a look at the history of the maraschino cherry. Yes, that often loathed / rarely incorporated right, bright red ball that’s floating at the bottom of your drink. Imbibe writer Wayne Curtis goes back in time to the cherry’s first appearance and how it came to be. A very worthy read for any cocktail aficionado.

Hidetsugu Ueno opens Bar de Luxe in Hong Kong

The legendary Japanese mixologist, previously of Star Bar, has taken the plunge and is the master mind behind the new bar in Hong Kong’s Central district. The Bar de Luxe will span 1,500 sq ft on the upper level of Attire House. “The project is Bar High Five’s first collaboration outside Japan”. The South China Morning Post reports that “Ueno’s protégé Yuriko Naganuma will be manning Bar de Luxe as head bartender. Naganuma has created exclusive cocktails for the bar such as The Hidden Gem, made with Nikka from the Barrel Whisky, Japanese Yomogi Herb Liqueur, Averna Amaro, Sugarcane Sugar Syrup”. Ueno himself will be visiting Hong Kong from January 23 to 25 and will act as the resident mixologist at Bar de Luxe from.

Orfeus for Faude Feine Brände

Xavier Padovani’s agency Orfeus just shared their brand openings and launches for 2017. In it, we were happy to find news of Faude Feine Brände. Looks like Orfeus will be taking Faude international. This from the newsletter: “For more than ten years distiller Florian Faude has been operating a small distillery in South-Germany. Florian produces clean and unique fruits & vegetables spirits or liqueurs. From January 2017 Florian’s Beetroot and Green Walnut will be available in the UK with Amathus”. Fantastic news for all of the UK, we’re big fans of Florian over here and the more his products are available, the better for everyone.

Top Ten Most Iconic Bars in Films

Bars can be a safe space, bars can act as a second home, bars can be exciting and new, bars can pretty much mean anything as a ‘space’. Which is why they play a huge part in narrative and have often deftly been incorporated into cinematic storytelling. The drinks business took it upon itself to list the top ten most iconic bars, found in movies. A few that make a appearance: Bob’s Country Bunker in the Blues Brothers, The Golden Room at the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, and The Prancing Pony in the Lord of the Rings. Take a look at the complete list here.

Citrus Free Drinks

We’ve seen a movement of “brutally local” cuisine here in Berlin. In some cases, namely Nobelhart & Schmutzig, restaurants refuse to use pepper or lemon juice in their dishes because neither of those components are found in and around Berlin. Now, reports, New York City’s The Eddy bar has created a no citrus cocktail menu. Head bartender Luis Hernandez is leaving and made this glorious choice as a farewell bid. In the interview with Liquor he states that he wanted to move away from the safe zone. “You can’t recreate any of the old cocktails without lemon or lime. Having one more guideline forces you to research and taste things you otherwise wouldn’t”. He says he’s learned a lot through this process and that his entire approach to cocktails has changed. “I feel like I found my own style, and now I can go anyplace I want”. More of this innovation please, we’ll definitely be following along.

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