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Inventory for July 16th, 2017

Cheers and welcome to this week’s inventory! Today we have Charles Schumann who’s about to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 11th annual Tales of the Cocktail, then there’s Trick Dog in San Francisco, who just introduced their new menu that looks like a children’s book, BrewDog is readying itself for its US expansion, and the East London bar owner behind Scout explains his no-waste concept. Prost!

It’s almost upon us! Berlin Beer Week starts soon! July 21st is the kick-off to the ten-day, multi-venue celebration of craft beer culture and community in Berlin. Numerous events will take place all around the capital (we’re particularly excited about the beer boat tour). Find out more about all the events and beers served at Berlin Beer Week’s website here.

Charles Schumann to Receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 11th Annual Spirited Awards

Schumann: the man, the myth, the legend will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Spirited Awards. Just in time for his 75th year on this earth. Last year, Sasha Petraske posthumously received this honor, in 2017 it’s the living German legend’s turn. One of our favorite quotes on the great man is the following by David Wondrich: “The first modern bar book I owned was Charles’s American Bar, and it gave me an inkling that the elegance and craft I had seen in so many old movies was not entirely vanished from the world. A visit to his bar is conclusive proof that that is the case. Thank you, Charles.”

Trick Dog Launches Children’s Book Menu

Trick Dog’s new menu launched last week, entitled “What Rhymes with Trick Dog?” it’s a collaboration between poets, illustrators, and the bar time. Each cocktail name rhymes with Trick Dog. The menu is set up like a tongue-in-cheek children’s book and owner Josh Harris said: “When we create menus in a book format, people want them as collectables – not just for the cocktails.” Which is why the menus are being sold for $35 a pop with proceeds going to local charities. Fun illustrations, delicious drinks, and charity? Where do we sign up?!

BrewDog Ready for US Takeover

Drinks International reports that “Scottish brewing giant BrewDog, has appointed Tanisha Robinson as managing director of its US branch ahead of the launch of its 100,000 square foot brewery in Columbus, Ohio.” Things are getting really serious. Robinson will be responsible for establishing the BrewDog brand, sales strategy, operational growth, and developing its US bar division.

Their biggest priority right now is getting the beer into people’s hands. Robinson says “We’re focused on making great beers, telling our story to the US in a very BrewDog way, being the greatest place to work in the world, and creating awesome experiences for our customers and the Equity Punk community.” The new brewery was partly funded by BrewDog’s crowdfunding programme, which raised over £40 million worldwide.

Scout: The bar Saying No to Waste

Last week, Alan Sherwood, of East London’s Scout bar, talked to The Week about his no-waste concept at the bar. He says he doesn’t want to make things just for the sake of it, instead he wants to offer his customers only delicious things that happen to come with a side of ‘no-waste.’ “If you look at how we approach things, it’s more like the way a chef works in a kitchen than a conventional bar. I haven’t come across anyone else working in this way, which is nice, but it’s also a shame. We only use produce grown in the UK and the closer to London, the better. There is so much great stuff here. All of the drinks, wines and cocktails that we make in-house are made from the fruit, vegetables and herbs grown locally. So, that means no citrus and no tropical fruits, which may seem restrictive for a cocktail bar, but we rarely miss those things.”

Though he admits that they operate on a ‘no-waste’’ or ‘closed-loop’ basis, it remains impossible to have no waste at all. He also admits that he misses bananas but he also enjoys not having them. “The idea is to celebrate what we can grow here and the growers working here.” A well thought-out concept and worth the full read.


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