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Inventory for July 23rd, 2017

Welcome to this week’s roundup of the industry news. We’ve got: alcohol that might be boosting the bible belt’s economy, Bushmills is revving up its German PR activities, and Beam Suntory denies a split between rapper 50 Cent and Effen Vodka. That’s effen interesting we say!

Last week, Kevin Alexander published his interesting take on the craft cocktail revolution (and how it’s over) on Thrillist. So: now you can get a good cocktail in pretty much any American town, what happens next? He believes that it’s wreaking havoc in the bar world and, though you might have heard this a million times before, the next big thing might just be “a regular bar with great cocktails,” as Jeffrey Morgenthaler puts it. “We’ve nailed the $16 cocktail,” he says. “Now how about doing the same with the $8 version?” Amen. A really fantastic read, well worth the time on your Sunday!

Can Alcohol Boost the Bible Belt’s Economy?

That’s a question that Guardian author Daniel Jackson asked this week. He says “For years, blue laws and a cultural condemnation of alcohol has kept much of the rural south dry, or at least sipping light beer. Yet there is a growing embrace of alcohol in this corner of the country.” But over the last few years, the beer industry has become a bright spot in what is otherwise a pretty bleak outlook for the US job market. Cities are seeing this change: loosening local ordinances could be the potential they need to boost their economy. “In March, voters in Rossville, Georgia passed ordinances that legalized liquor by the drink and Sunday packaged beer and wine sales.” An interesting development that we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.

Bushmills revs up PR Activities in Germany

Bushmills is the world’s oldest, licensed whisky distillery and it’s making its way to Germany. Bremen’s Eggers & Franke group will be importing and distributing Bushmills in Germany from now on, and they’ve got big plans. The Northern Irish whiskey was founded in the 17th century and this year its Bushmills Original and Black Bush, as well as the Single Malt Whiskies Bushmills 10 Years, 16 Years, and 21 Years will be available in Germany for the first time. Good news for Deutschland.

Beam Suntory denies 50 Cent and Effen Vodka split

Drinks International says “Beam Suntory has denied reports that US rapper 50 Cent has sold his shares in Effen Vodka for $60m.” In a “feud” that can only be described as very 2017, 50 Cent uploaded a picture on Instagram last week with the caption ““I got the bag, Effen Vodka can you say 60M’s since they like counting my money. Do the math. Lol” and a US radio show announced that 50 Cent had sold his stakes in the vodka brand. Beam Suntory though, is singing a different tune: “Contrary to any inaccurate media reports, Effen Vodka’s partnership with 50 Cent continues.” Oooookay, maybe 50 Cent isn’t in on this though and, much like many men before him, is trying to force the break up?


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