Inventory for June 12th, 2016

This week Amaury Cepeda won the Havana Grand Prix, Brew Berlin announced that it will be doubling its surface at this year’s Bar Convent Berlin, Berlin distillery Berliner Brandstifter launched its vodka, and Peter Richter ‘hiked’ the American whisky trail. Cheers!

We’re big fans of Italy over here, but sometimes the prophet can’t come to the mountain, so the mountain must come to the prophet (that’s an appropriate analogy, no?). If you feel similar and live in Berlin, you’re in luck. Eatalian Food Week will once again grace the German capital from the 13th of June until the 19th of this fair month. Sixteen restaurants are offering a three-course dinner with a glass of wine for the fantastic price of 20,-Euros. Reservations are a must. Find more information at Nomy Blog here.

Amaury Cepeda Crowned Winner of the 11th biannual Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix

Thirteen finalists were asked to create “the next rum classic serve” at this year’s Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix. Cuban national himself, Amaury Cepeda took him the pirze with his Cunyaya, which is made with Havana Club 7 Year Old, Havana Club Essence of Cuba Island Fruit, honey, sour orange, and fresh sugar cane juice. “Cepeda’s winning cocktail was inspired by the traditions of the slaves brought to Cuba in 1515, and created after a five-day brand experience with seminars, workshops and masterclasses.

He will now undertake a global rum project with Havana Club, where he will have the freedom to create his own rum, write a book on the spirit or even launch his own rum pop-up”. The judges were all top notch bar stars themselves, including Hidetsugo Ueno from Japan; Renato ‘Tato’ Giovannoni from Argentina; Alejandro Bolívar from Cuba; and Thanos Prunarus from Greece; along with cocktail and tiki expert Scotty Schuder; winner of the 2014 competition, Andy Loudon; and renowned spirits writer, Dave Broom.

When asked about his win, Cepeda told The Spirits Business: “Cuban cantineros must have all their senses in their cocktail; their heart, their soul and a profound respect towards bartending. I am very proud to have won the 11th Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix and I am very looking forward to starting my collaboration with Havana Club. Above all, I am excited about having the opportunity to continue to better myself!”

Brew Berlin Doubles Surface Area as this Year’s Bar Convent Berlin

This year’s Brew Berlin area will be twice the size it was last year. Not only that, it will also be welcoming ten new exhibitors to the show, including the Bitburger Braugruppe, the Hamburg Beer Company, and Stone Brewing Berlin. Not only German breweries will be attending though, exhibitors hail from Italy, Japan, Portugal, the UK, and the US.

Berliner Brandstifter Launches Vodka

More than just korn and gin, the Berlin-based distiller Berliner Brandstifter just launched its vodka. Filtered seven times and distilled five times, the vodka is made from sugar beets and finished with Berlin typical botanicals. Those include wild rose, elderberry, violet root, blackcurrant, and corn flower. At 43,3% Vol. the vodka is said to be mild with subtle fruity, floral notes. In shops from 20th of June on.

The American Whiskey Trail

Peter Richter decided to visit the American Whiskey Trail. Peter Richter then decided, to write about his experience. First published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the full tale of his experience is now available on his blog (for those of you German readers). He talks about visiting America’s most important whiskey distilleries, about learning more about the culture, the country, and its people than he would have ever thought possible, about bearded beer bloggers from LA with too many opinions, and towns, where prohibition was never lifted. It’s a fascinating read that’s beautifully detailed. For more, head here.


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