Inventory for June 28th, 2015

This week our inventory be poppin’. Berlin-based publisher Gestalten releases a book on craft distillers filled to the brim with rich photography, a Kickstarter project tries to get the machines to take over: a Nespresso machine for cocktails, who knew we needed that? The Made in GSA Competition 2015 finale took place in Berlin and Alexander Mayer took home the first prize, American whiskey sales are dropping, and Courvoisier is rebranding itself. Pop the corks and enjoy your Sunday!

Giffard Alkoholfrei


Street food festivals, haven’t we heard enough of them by now? We’ll answer that with a resounding no! Next weekend, July 4th – 5th, Bite Club invites all you BBQ fans for a day spent in the historic former headquarters of GDR radio. Not only American BBQ classics will be on offer but also other global grill traditions from Jamaica, Korea, Italy, and France. A free shuttle boat will be available between Rummelsberg and the Oberbaumbrücke, so no excuses y’all.

1) Gestalten Publishes Book on Distillers

The Berlin-based publisher Gestalten is known for its beautifully designed books and informative, easy to read texts. After publishing books on restaurant design and how to run a business they’ve now just released their ‘Out of the Jar’ publication. The gorgeous bound pages feature feature the best and most unusual spirits from small manufacturers around the world and introduce a new generation of distillers who are cultivating rare varieties of fruit, herbs, and spices; reviving and reinterpreting high-proof family recipes; or labeling each of their bottles by hand. Watch some of the producers introduce themselve on and buy the book here. Gestalten will also be hosting a launch party at its Bikini House Berlin space on Thursday, July 2nd. To attend simply e-mail [email protected]. Local distillers and editors Cathrin Brandes and Robert Klanten will be in attendance.

2) Bartesian’s Bar Machine

Interested in Mixology? Well have we got news for you, you need never touch another cocktail shaker again … thanks to Bartesian’s genius cocktail making machine that takes all the ‘work’ out of mixing a drink. Using the basic concept of the Nespresso/capsule machine only the four basic spirits (vodka, rum, gin, and tequila) need to be added for the machine to mix you either a margarita, sex on the beach, cosmo, zested martini, bartesian breeze, or a uptown rock.

Surprisingly their Kickstarter has already managed to gather $62,000 out of their $100,00 goal. Bartesian promises that all of their capsules are made from “real ingredients”, no artificial powders or high-glucose corn syrups. The project still has 21 days to go and they’re already over halfway at their goal. Let’s see if this succeeds.

3) Made in GSA Competition

Freiburg native Alexander Mayer surprisingly snagged the winning trophy at last week’s Made in GSA Competition 2015. His drink, the cowbell, paired happy childhood memories with traditional ingredients and modern mixology. During his presentation of it cowbells were heard throughout the room. Mixing red williams brandy with Belsazar Vermouth White, simple syrup, fresh buttermilk, and a fir oil his drink came stirred, not shaken, and positively surprised the audience.

Participants from 10 cities flew in to do their best at impressing the jury, which was made up of Thomas Huhn (Les Trois Rois, Basel), Kan Zuo (The Sign Lounge, Wien), Oliver Ebert (Lost in Grub Street & Becketts Kopf, Berlin) as well as host Arnd Henning Heissen. The contest proved, once again, that the creativity and determination coming out of the GSA countries is in no way to be ignored.

4) American Whiskey Sales Drop

The Spirits Business took at look at last week’s Discus’ figures, which portray the continuing decline of American whiskey and bourbon export, which fell by 9.1% in the first quarter of this year. The US’ overall export sector declined by 3.6%. Other spirit sectors, namely rum and brandy, experienced a significant growth over the same period: 12% and 64% respectively. Gin and vodka volume exports also declined.

5) Courvoisier’s Rehaul

Every rapper’s favorite drink, circa 2003, will be going through a complete rebrand come September.The Spirits Business reports that Courvoisier will first roll out new 700ml and one-litre bottles and the rest of the collection will follow shortly in early 2016. The design is inspired by the brand’s history and Parisian heritage. With this rebrand Courvoisier hopes to embark on a new chapter which signifies a more elegant and extravagant time of the storied cognac.


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