Inventory March for 18th, 2018

Cheers folks! This week we have Team Lyan teaching you to make a more sustainable home bar, Scotland’s first female malt distiller Liz Stewart celebrates her retirement, we’re going to see calories and ingredients listed on EU spirits, and Coca-Cola launches its first alcoholic drink in Japan. Kanpai!
If you’d invested in Bitcoins ten years ago, you’d be rich by now. At least that’s what people keep telling themselves. Here’s a possible second chance at that: “The ‘world’s first’ whisky-based cryptocurrency, called Cask Coin, has launched, giving investors the chance to own a share of a £40 million Scotch whisky portfolio by investing in its digital coins.” Get rich or die trying!
Science Your Way to a Zero-Waste Cocktail
Team Lyan has worked closely with Punch over the last few months, sharing insights from their work behind the counter. Earlier this week they wrote an article on how to turn food waste into cocktail ingredients at home. Their top tips include “Utilizing Your Citrus to the Fullest” and “Substituting Seasonal, Local Ingredients.” They also address how to turn food waste into drinks: using herb stems for flavor, saving your cheese whey, and replacing citrus with less wasteful options such as rhubarb juice or sorrel water.
Here’s some food for thought with which they finish the article. “Becoming more sustainable in your everyday life is usually all about small steps you can take in order to gradually introduce the big changes. Sometimes it is as simple as pausing to ask yourself, Why am I throwing this away? or Is there anything else I can use this for? or simply challenging the widely accepted norms, like the use of plastic straws in cocktails or napkins instead of coasters. Becoming more sustainable, even in a home environment, is a process, but a few baby steps can go a long way.” As always, the White Lyan team is a fantastic addition to this world of ours.
Scotland’s First Female Malt Distiller Celebrates Retirement With ‘Lizzie’s Dram’
Planet Whiskies reports that in celebration of her retirement on March 9th, Liz Stewart launched an exclusive distillery bottling aptly entitled ‘Lizzie’s Dram.’ Stewart first worked at the Dalwhinnie Distillery, beginning there in 1987, as the first female distiller. She’s the latest in a long line of distillery workers – both her mother and brother worked Dalwhinnie Distillery, too. Stewart says “I’m extremely proud to have made history as the first female operator in Malt Distilling, and can quite honestly say that I’ve felt a part of the team since day one. It’s my hope that women continue to get involved and realise the career opportunities that the Scotch Whisky industry boasts. Hopefully my story might inspire more women to take up a career in Scotch Whisky too.” Cheers to that!
China Resources Beer in Talks to Acquire Heineken’s China Business
Reuters reports that “China Resources Beer (Holdings) Co Ltd is in talks to acquire Heineken NV’s China business in a deal that could be worth more than $1 billion, as the country’s largest brewer seeks new growth from premium brands, five people close to the discussions said.” China is the world’s largest beer market by volume and “CR Beer’s biggest brand, Snow, is the world’s top-selling beer, but is almost exclusively sold in China.” A source says that any deal between CR Beer and Heineken would include three breweries, Heineken’s distribution operation and its brands in China. “Details have not been finalised and talks could yet fall apart, the sources said. They declined to be identified as the information is not public. CR Beer did not respond to requests for comment. Heineken declined to comment.”
Calories and Ingredients to be Listed by EU Spirits
After 12 months of negotiations, the EU alcoholic drinks industry has committed to providing consumers with ingredient and nutritional information. These measures will be implemented over the next four years, as The Spirits Business reports. “Under current plans, Spirits Europe will report to the Commission on its progression at regular intervals between March 2018 and 2022. The first progress report will be delivered in October 2019.”
Coca-Cola to Launch its First Alcoholic Drink
It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? The Guardian notes that Coca-Cola will launch its version of Chu-Hi alcopop in Japan. Chu-Hi is a canned, sparkling drink that’s made with shochu, which has become increasingly popular in Japan. “Sales of the drink, which ranges in alcohol content from 3-8%, have surged over the past five years and it is particularly popular with female drinkers.
Jorge Garduño, Coca-Cola’s Japan president, said: ‘We haven’t experimented in the low-alcohol category before, but it’s an example of how we continue to explore opportunities outside our core areas.’” The drink will probably remain exclusive to Japan. Howard Telford, head of soft drinks at Euromonitor International, said “While I don’t think this represents a global shift in company strategy, I do think we can expect Coca-Cola and its competitors to continue looking for new opportunities.”

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