Inventory for May 14th, 2017

We’re back with the inventory folks! This week Buffalo Trace launches a new bourbon, the team behind The Dead Rabbit will be setting up shop in London, alcohol marketing in movies has doubled in the past twenty years, and Bill Murray hosted Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala cancelled day before the event. Prost!

What’s up summer. If you too have been breathlessly waiting by your window to see the temperatures rise, now is the time to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with a cool glass rose. If you’re unsure how to pick the the right shade (and tartness) of wine, let GQ guide you. Sommelier Grant Reynolds’s got two hot tips for you: 1. pay attention to color (light = crisp, darker = bold, richer flavor) and 2. forget the grape variety. 

Buffalo Trace Launches Bourbon with Six Grain Mash Bill

The Spirits Business reports “Sazerac-owned Buffalo Trace Distillery has expanded its Experimental Collection with the release of a new Bourbon made with a mash bill comprising six different grains”. The Organic Six Grain Whiskey contains corn, buckwheat, brown rice, sorghum, wheat, and rice. Though it’s still 51% corn. “In 2010, the grains were milled, cooked and made into a sour mash before being distilled in Buffalo Trace’s experimental micro-still to 130 proof (65% abv).

The resulting spirit was then filled into eight new charred white oak barrels that had received the distillery’s standard number four level of charring. After resting in Warehouse H for seven years and one month, the whiskey was chill-filtered and bottled at 90 proof”. Because the expression has a different flavor than other Buffalo Trace bourbons, the company decided to refer to it as “whiskey” in the title.

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog is Coming to London

The two founders of The Dead Rabbit, Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, are ready for England. They’ll be recreating their infamous bar, which was named World’s Best Bar at the 2015 Spirited Awards, at Claridge’s Bar from August 15th to 22nd. It’s always fun to see what a bar interprets to be their most important selling point and how they can get it across (the Pond – ha sorry, had to). “Guests at Claridge’s will be able to enjoy Dead Rabbit cocktails, including the celebrated Irish Coffee serve, and specialities from the food menu such as Lobster devilled eggs and Cumberland sausage rolls. Signature atmospheric elements from the Lower Manhattan bar will also be recreated in the Mayfair hotel, including the ragtime piano playing, welcome drink, comic book menu and New York-style service”. Sounds good!

Alcohol Marketing in Popular Movies Doubles in Past Two Decades

Eurek Alert, a source for science news reports that “Alcohol brand placements in popular movies of all ratings nearly doubled during the past two decades, new research shows, but particularly in child-rated movies. Researchers presenting these findings at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in San Francisco found the alcohol brands on the movie set are often those young people report drinking the most”. This is not a good thing, because “The high frequency of brand placements in movies aimed at children and young adolescents raises questions about the adequacy of alcohol marketing self-regulation,” she said. “I don’t think they are doing enough to avoid the underage segment in their movie alcohol placements”.

Bill Murray-Hosted Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala Cancelled Day Before Event

Nooooo, not Bill Murray. He was meant to be one of the good ones! To be fair, he seems fairly innocent in this. The Gothamist reports that “What should have been the triumphant return of the glitzy Manhattan Cocktail Classic has seemingly devolved into a confused mess as ticket holders to Friday night’s star-studded Gala were informed of its cancelation just over 24 hours before the event”. Just before 3pm a day before the event ticket holders were informed by MCC management that that the event had been canceled “due to circumstances beyond our control”. Still no public comment on the whys and hows.

“The MCC had been on hiatus for the past two years following another messy cancellation of the events in 2015. The 2017 was under the new direction of James Moreland, who’d moved the Gala from the New York Public Library to Central Park, among other proposed changes”.


Foto: Photo via Shutterstock.

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