Inventory for May 15th, 2016

Count the bottles and stack ‘em up, it’s time for this week’s inventory: Schwarze und Schlichte takes over distribution for Sobieski vodka, Mexico is trying to force artisanal mezcal producers to adopt another name, sexism rocks the bar industry, and the Time Out NY Bar Awards are happening in New York tomorrow.

Looking for some action on the 24th of May? Of course you are. Like last year Reingold is hosting a friendly takeover with key figures from Berlin’s bar scene from 9pm onwards. This time around David Wiedemann will hand his keys over to Berlin’s club owners in keeping with their motto “Berliner Club Gastronomer for those in Need”. Join them, have a drink, and do some good.

Schwarze und Schlichte to take over Sobieski Vodka’s German Distribution

The Polish spirit Sobieski Vodka will arrive in Germany via Schwarze und Schlichte. The vodka is the Poland’s most exported and globally ranks at number 11. It’s said to taste  particularly smooth with hints of citrus and is produced using only Polish Dankowski rye. Together with Schwarze und Schlichte the vodka is planning to build a longterm brand awareness in Germany. Managing partner Friedrich Schwarze is very excited for this project “We look forward to working on the launch and bringing this unique product, straight from the motherland of vodka, to Germany”.

Mexico may Force Artisanal Producers to Use a New Name

Europeans are no strangers to Mezcal, but as the product becomes more popular outside of Mexico new rules are being enforced that would prohibit many small mezcaleros from calling their spirit by its 300-year-old name. Last week The Guardian spoke to several small producers about these rules, which were first introduced in 1994. 

If fully implemented NOM 199 would force small producers in areas that aren’t state ruled mezcal-making areas to call their product “Komil”. Enforcers are saying that these the NOM 199 rules “aim to improve quality, make mezcal more marketable and do away with adulterated drinks” but producers disagrees. “Mom-and-pop mezcal makers and their allies are accusing regulators of trying to industrialize and standardize an artisanal activity, along with appropriating the name”. Ana Valenzuela, a biologist who focuses on agave, tequila, and mezcal is quoted saying “They want to own mezcal as if it were a trademark … because mezcal now has value”.

On Sexism in the Industry

In an industry where the term “brotherhood” is still thrown around with reckless abandon, with no regard to the fact that the word excludes 50% of the human race, it comes as no huge surprise that last week’s comments, and subsequent resignation from The 86 Co., from Dushan Zaric caused quite a stir. Many flocked to defend him, from female bartenders to Gaz Regan, angry at the fact that blame was put solely Zaric’s head. The problem is much bigger than just this lone comment though. The flyer wasn’t made by one person, many many people saw and approved this and thought nothing of the fact, that they were calling women “badass” and only inviting them to apply for lower bar positions. And that’s the problem: that we currently live in a culture that has no problem viewing women as 2nd class citizens, because it’s been that way for ages and ages. To counteract this, not only in the bar industry but in general, requires a change in the way we think, act, and express ourselves.

Time Out Bar Awards

The second annual Time Out New York Bar Awards will take place tomorrow, Monday May 16th. In honor of “celebrating the best and brightest cocktail talent” New York has to offer, Time Out has invited some of the city’s most influential bar experts to select winners across seven award categories. Those include: Best New Cocktail Bar, Bar of the Year, Best Bar Team, Best Restaurant-Bar Program, Best Comeback Kid, Best Single-Focus execution, and Most Instagram-Worthy Cocktail (how very 2016 of them). A short throwback to our topic above, out of 14 renowned panelists, seven are women. See, it’s not that hard. Cheers to equality and good cocktails!


Foto: Photo via Shutterstock.

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