Inventory for May 22nd, 2016

Short and sweet, let’s see what this week brought us in bar news: the winners of the Time Out Bar Awards were announced, The Spirits Business took a look at their top ten favorite tv personalities who enjoy a good spirit, Absolut released its first artist edition in Austria, and Kammer-Kirsch expands its portfolio by Polish vodka brand Wyborowa Wodka. Cheers!

Next will be see Berlin Restaurant Week descend upon the German capital for the second time. Follow this link to see the complete list of restaurants who will be participating in the 3-course prix fix dinner for 25€ from June 1st to June 7th.

Time Out Bar Awards Winners

As we mentioned in last week’s inventory, Time Out held its bar awards and this week the winners were announced. After an “expert panel was assembled in each city” they were tasked with shortlisting their standout cocktail bars in three categories: Bar of the Year, Best New Bar and the Best Bartender/Bar Team. The Bar of the Year went to Brooklyn’s Maison Premiere, Best Bar Team was awarded to Attaboy, while the Best New Cocktail Bar went to Bar Goto. Congrats to the winners!

Television’s Top 10 Spirits Drinkers

Who doesn’t love a little TV with their drink? We certainly do and our buddies over at The Spirits Business seem to agree. The even went to far to compile a list of “Television’s Top 10 Spirits Drinkers”. A personal favorite, Parks & Recreation’s Lagavulin-swilling Ron Swanson, tops the list but you’ll also find other pop culture heros. Many of you will be familiar with Don Draper, who’d rarely be seen without a Old Fashioned, or Carrie Bradshaw, who’s love of Cosmopolitans informed a whole generation. To see the complete list follow this link.

Absolut Mix: Artist Edition

Austria is finally the proud owner of its very own Absolut Vodka limited edition artist bottle. And not just one, but 20 unique designs will grace the iconic bottle. The Absolut Mix will be available on the 2nd of June (from 4pm onwards) in Austria’s Billa shelves. Those who are on the lookout should update their social media feeds, you might find a hint or two pertaining to the location of the Billa branches that will carry the bottles. Graz-based artist David Leitner designed the bottles, a process which took him around two months. If you don’t feel like running around various Billabranches, try on the 2nd of June at 4pm on the dot. You might just be so lucky and snag the one bottle that’s being sold online.

Kammer to take over German Distribution for Wyborowa Wodka

The southern German distillery Kammer-Kirsch is expanding its portfolio with the Polish Wyborowa vodka. The almost 100-year old vodka brand is produced using 100% rye and pure, Polish well water. It’s distributed worldwide in over 70 countries. Wybo (as fans lovingly call it) is said to be particularly smooth with light floral notes. Pernod Ricard Germany is still responsible for Wyborowa Wodka until July 1st.


Foto: Couple via Shutterstock.

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