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Welcome, welcome! This week Ryan Chetiyawardana announces his first cocktail recipe book and talks about his coffee pop up, Carlsberg releases its third organic beer, American distillers focus all of their hopes and dreams on one specific tax bill, and The Guardian teaches us how to make alcoholic ice cream lollies that will actually freeze.

Interested in craftsmanship? Have a look at Pilsner Urquell’s Workshop series. Ongoing from June 5th to 13th the workshops include beer brewing, the art of tattooing, and how to make sausages. Expect plenty of freshly tapped kegs and street food.

1) Ryan Chetiyawardana’s First Cocktail Recipe Book

He of White Lyan fame has just released his first cocktail recipe book. The Spirits Business explains that ‘Good Things to Drink’ contains 60 recipes which range from pre-batched cocktails to serve a larger crowd to hot and cold classics.

Available from October 1st the “the book claims that making cocktails at home is the next step in the foodie revolution”, we’ll see about that but we’re sure interested.

2) From White to Black

Since we’re on the White Lyan already, let’s focus on their expansion for a moment. White Lyan’s Ryan Chetiyawardana and Iain Griffiths have opened up a coffee pop up space named Black Lyan. reports that their goal was to diversify and expand their service into the day time while utilize their space differently.

The coffee service is lead by Maja Jaworska, aptly named the “Brew Bar Queen”, who’s previously worked as a barista at Workshop Coffee and the Notes coffee bar. As we know from the White Lyan, attention is paid to everything, including the water. Their “customized” water is finely tuned to reach the ideal calcium and magnesium levels, as well as mineral content. A nitro cold brew will be offered on tap from Sandows of London, which honestly, we are just lusting after in our German, cold brew-deprived home. The resulting coffee has a creamy top layer with a dark body. Tom Griffiths adds his special something with the “Instant Bulletproof eXpresso” made from dehydrated granules of coffee oil, chicory, coffee distillate, butter, and Demerara sugar.

You’ll find us here, longingly staring in London’s direction. For now the pop up’s been expanded be open and the White Lyan boys are considering a permanent spot, someone convince them to move operations to Berlin.

3) Carlsberg Launches Organic Tuborg Rå

Last year the Carlsberg Group tested its organic beer, Tuborg Rå, across festivals in Denmark. This year they’ve given the go ahead for a permanent launch. This will be their third organic beer. Festival goers will be able to get their hands on Tuborg Rå at this year’s Roskilde and Northside Festivals and Danish supermarkets are expected to begin carrying it in September.

Senior Innovation Manager Pernille Arnt stated that “We are seeing a trend we refer to as back to basics, which is a counter-trend to the very busy online world in which we live. It is within this context that consumers demand products that give a ‘closer to nature’ experience”.

4) New Tax Bill Proposed for American Distillers

Both large and small distilleries were very invested in a certain bill this week, The Spirits Business reports that house representatives Todd Young and John Yarmuth put forward a new bill, titled ‘Distillery Innovation and Excise Tax Reform Act of 2015’ that, if approved, will see the current tax rate of US$13.50 per proof gallon to US$2.70 per proof gallon on the first 100,000 gallons for all distillers, regardless of size.

The legislation is supported by both the Distilled Spirits Council of the US (Discus) and the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA). The bill is meant to help create jobs across the States in a rapidly growing industry. Earlier this month the UK trade associations welcomed a 2% cut to spirits duty following a joint lobbying effort. American Distillers hope to see the same happy results soon.

5) The Summer of Alcoholic Ice Cream Treats

We’re all aware that alcohol doesn’t freeze well, yet we crave that delicious alcoholic gin and tonic slushy as soon as the sun comes out. The Guardian’s Henrietta Clancy wrote an article about this summer’s trend and how Loved Iced Cocktails has engineered an ice lolly that proudly includes 25ml of rum.

The secret to freezing alcohol is to add fat and reduce sugar, because fat is a hardener and alcohol and sugar are both softeners. When trying this at home add some melted butter to your granita or ice cream. Low-sugar spirits like gin and vodka work better for ice lollies and adding booze-soaked solids, such as watermelon or cucumber, will help it freeze better. Find all of the tips and tricks to make your summer boozier here.


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