Inventory for October 2nd, 2016

We’re keeping it short this week, October’s a busy month y’all! Speaking of, take a look at Ukraine’s international bar show Barometer, taking place later this month, Diageo got into the autumnal spirit and decided to launch a pumpkin spice baileys, and the Berlin cocktail institution Victoria bar celebrated its 15th anniversary this week. Cheers to that!

Fancy a read on some fancy sauce? Look no further than Jim Meehan’s piece in Lucky Peach in which he discusses the role of the bar in fine dining restaurants and how it changed when he first came into the scene in 2002. He also talks about where cocktail culture is headed with the Aviary’s Micah Melton. Solid weekend reading folks. Cheers!

BAROMETER International Bar Show Ukraine

October’s a big month for all you barflies, us included. Not only are we gearing up for October 11th (What’s happening then you ask? You should really know by know), but we’re also looking forward to Barometer- Ukraine’s international bar show. On October 29th to 30th 42 speakers will share experience and knowledge over 22 tastings. Kiev is an exciting city and great things are happening across the whole of Eastern Europe. We highly recommend this bar show, check out the complete program here.

Diageo Launches Limited Edition Baileys “Pumpkin Spice” in October

Though pumpkin spice lattes aren’t quite as ubiquitous on our European shores as they are in the States, Starbucks is trying its damndest to make the sweet, spicy, milky concoction a thing come October. Which doesn’t even make sense, because us Europeans have absolutely no connection to “pumpkin spice”. What’s it? A spice that taste of pumpkin? (calm down, I know it’s not that). Apparently, Baileys wants to get in on this action. The creamy liqueur is launching a new, limited edition pumpkin spice version. Available in Germany and Austria come October, a 0.7 bottle will cost ya 13,99 €. Buy it, don’t buy it – nobody really cares. Just promise us you won’t show up to your office’s Christmas party, the bottle jauntily swinging off your pinky finger. Nobody needs to see that.

Victoria Bar turns 15

The Victoria Bar is one of Berlin’s greatest cocktail legends and last week, the legend turned 15. We couldn’t be more excited and heartily congratulate the whole team for this success. To another wonderful 15 years!


Foto: Photo via Shutterstock.

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