Inventory for September 13th, 2015

In this week’s inventory we look at the winner of Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year 2015, learn how to properly store beers in a cold fridge, and we learn of the sad closing of Berlin’s Neue Heimat. 


‘tis the season. No, not quite that season yet (thank goodness), but it’s apple picking time! Even though Neukölln isn’t Upstate New York (where apparently apple picking is all the rage) we’ll be busy plucking ripe, juicy fruits from trees and turning them into cider, chutneys, and pies. Join in this Wednesday (September 16th), from 3pm onwards at Agora in Neukölln. The team will host a BBQ (pay as much as you can) after the picking and processing and there will also be live music.

1) Michito Kaneko wins Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year 2015

Japanese bartender Michito Kaneko won the Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year award last week. The Kyoto-based bartender from the Lamp Bar won out against the 54 other bartenders in Capetown, South Africa. One of the challenges included the bartenders opening a pop up bar in midst of Cape Town, and they only had 24 hours to do so. Inspired by Johnnie Walker’s logo and his first name Michito (“man on the way), Kaneko opened “The Travelling Barman”. The bartenders were challenged to create two drinks. The first was meant to be inspired by their own home country and the second was planned as a homage to South Africa. The Pop Up bar challenge also included a own, signature cocktail.

2) Magnetic Beer Storage

For those of you who spend their time browsing Pinterest, magnetic storage isn’t necessarily a new thing. In fact, it’s been a pretty big DIY trend for a while now. Our friends over at Esquire though, would rather spend money on things than do it themselves. Last week they published an article about a Kickstarter project, that managed to garner over $60,000 in pledges, and that promises to save space in your fridge while still keeping your boozy sixer cool.

Not that American fridges aren’t large enough. The Bottleloft is basically just a magnetic strip that hoists the beer onto the fridge ceiling, thus freeing up shelf space. Each magnet is strong enough to hold over 1 liter and will hold on to anything with a metal cap.

Berlin’s Neue Heimat set to Close

Last week saw dramatic news for Berlin’s cultural foodie scene. Neue Heimat announced that, because of certain construction permits they would have to shut down. The usually liberal attitude of the Friedrichshain burrough has taken a sharp turn to the right, as politicians want to close the event space “because it doesn’t align with the neighborhood”. Which is utter BS, as clubs like Suicide Circus line up next door.

To help possibly save the Neue Heimat add your signature to the petition here. We fear not much can be done, but it won’t hurt. If Neue Heimat were truly to close, then this Sunday would be the space’s last food event. Hurry there!


Foto: Smiling Woman via Shutterstock

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