Inventory for September 14th, 2014

Welcome to this month’s second inventory! This week DeKuyper is looking for Indiana’s next Cocktail Star, William Grant & Sons buy Drambuie liqueur, a how-to on banning idiots from your bar, Whitley Neill Gin is included in BORCO’s portfolio, a simple syrup kit kickstarter campaign is successful, Robert Simonson lists new bars opening in NYC soon, and BACARDÍ Legacy 2015 Cocktail Competition is held in Sidney.

For many of us blended cocktails are a reminder of college when cheap, sugary margaritas were all the rage on Taco Tuesdays. Their non-alcoholic counterparts (Big Gulps or Slushies) don’t enjoy the best reputation either. But the slushy is having a comeback and you shouldn’t miss out. The key to making a great slushie is using the right ice. This weekend we’ll be whipping out our blenders and creating the perfect Sunday evening cocktail with just a hint of nostalgia.

1) DeKuyper Is Looking for Indiana’s Next Cocktail Star

Last week DeKuyper proudly announced that it’d be looking for their next Cocktail Star in Indiana. Bartenders and mixologists register here, and are then assigned a DeKuyper flavor with which they can experiment to create an original, signature cocktail. Participants submit a one-minute video of themselves making the cocktail behind the bar here. All entries must be submitted by October 6th 2014. DeKuyper chooses their finalists and voting will then be opened to the public for three weeks, beginning October 27th.

2) William Grant & Sons Buys Drambuie Liqueur Company Liminted

After months of speculation the drinks business reported on the acquisition last week. The independent, family-owned distillery, that also owns The Balvenie, Glenfiddich malt whiskies, and Hendrick’s Gin, bought the Drambuie for an undisclosed sum. Michael Kennedy, Drambuie’s CEO, stated that the company was set to benefit from being part of a “larger more diverse” organisation and that that in turn would help Drambuie to “truly achieve its potential”.
3) How To Ban Idiots From Your Bar

Eater’s Erin DeJesus sat down to talk shop with Kevin Mabry. Amongst other interesting tidbits he revealed what was really behind the “no douchebags” sign at his bar jm Curley. When he and his partners opened the space they wanted to create an authentic place, to use all of their combined experiences and turn it into something truly great. They wanted their customers to know that “ … we’re people too, and at the end of the day we’re going to take care of you, but just remember to expect it with a lot of humility and make sure that you’re not the end be all.” Basically, a win win. The customer gets off his or her high horse, as does the bartender to come and meet at the middle. Utopian thinking (drinking) at its best.

4) Whitley Neill Gin in Borco’s Portfolio

Beginning October Borco-Marken-Import will take over Whitley Neill Gin’s distribution in Germany and Austria, expanding its portfolio by a super premium gin.  Distilled in an old copper alambique Whitley’s is a London Dry under EU law. Besides the classic botanicals two South African ingredients, the baobab trees’ fruit and the cape gooseberry, lend it its unique flavor. Whitley donates to Tree Aid from proceeds of every bottle sold.

5) Simple Syrup Kit Kickstarter

Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost’s Kickstarter video begins with an anecdote about Steve Jobs. Those are some pretty large shoes to fill. The kit is deceptively simple and includes: a bottle that is printed with lines to indicate how much sugar and water is needed, a funnel, a pour spout and cap combination, and a wet eraser. The kit does not require your to boil the mixture, as the sugar dissolves in the water at room temperature. The innovative spout and cap are designed in a way where the sticky liquid never gums up the cap. The project’s already achieved it’s $25,000 backing goal but if you’re interested you’ve got until September 19th to buy your own simple syrup kit.

6) New Bars Opening in New York

According to Robert Simonson of the NY Times the demise of the 1970s-themed Golden Cadillac has created a sort of downtown drinking diaspora. In an article for the NY Times blog’s Drinking and Dining section he profiles several new bars opening in New York soon. His list ranges from barrel-aged cocktails in Bushwick, to beer gardens in Long Island City, over to subterranean cocktail lounges on the Lower East Side, and Prohibition-era cocktails by Penn Station. Take a look and make a checklist for your next visit to the Big Apple.

7) Bacardí Legacy Cocktail Competition Finale 2015 In Sydney

More bartenders than ever before, all in all 37, will be competing in this years’ BacardíLegacy Global Competition in Australia. In May 2015 the competition will be held in the southern hemisphere for the first time. Bacardí’s global brand director Caroline Hipperson is excited to celebrate the ever-growing Australian/Asian bar culture and is convinced that the city will inspire the 37 finalists to create truly fantastic mixes.


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