Inventory for September 27th, 2015

Welcome back to this week’s inventory! Find out more about DeKuyper Cocktail Master competition and, fittingly, Joerg Meyer’s thoughts on cocktail competitions, how the world’s first whisky stock exchange was launched, and what the frack Oak by Absolut is (hint: it’s not bourbon, nor is it ‘flavoured vodka’ per se).


Does Berlin not have enough “food weeks”? Find out for yourself. September 29th to October 4th will see the annual, official, “Berlin Food Week” take place. Always wondered what the “Food Porn Awards” would look like? Here’s your chance to see the atrociously named exhibition of, what we can only imagine to be, sexy pictures that are somewhat related to food. More info here.

1) DeKuyper Cocktail Master

DeKuyper’s Bartender Challenge officially launched for the second time last week. The brand invites American bartenders and mixologists to submit their best DeKuyper recipes. The winner will earn a feature profile on the label’s American website, national and local press, “shout outs” on the brand’s social media page, and “a day one of one-on-one meetings with top local publications and news outlets”. Video submissions can be turned in here until October 18th.

2) Joerg Meyer on Cocktail Competitions

Joerg Meyer took to his blog last week to speak to his adoring public about cocktail competitions. His opinion? Competitions do not make a better bartender, in some cases they make a worse one. Is post is not meant as a critique towards the brands who sponsor the competitions, or even towards all bartenders, just some. What he’s trying to say, in a slightly roundabout way, is to be a great bartender you have to be bartender.

Get behind the bar and do your work. Learn, inhale knowledge like a sponge, and practice your damn craft. This is not the first time the necessity of cocktail competitions has been put under the microscope, but it’s nice to have it in another form. Oh, and if you want to become a “WORLD CLASS LEGACY” bartender in your own right, Meyer currently has three openings at his bars.

3) World’s First Whisky Stock Exchange

The Spirits Business reports that Diageo’s former commercial director for Africa markets Rupert Patrick just founded Whisky Invest Direct, “the world’s first online trading platform for maturing stocks of Scotch whisky that claims to solve the ‘real problem’ of diminishing cash flow in the industry”. Private investors can buy and sell Scotch whiskies at an early aging stage. “Offering casks at wholesale prices, it allows ‘distillers, brand builders and stockholders’ to trade whisky with each other in a ‘transparent’ environment, financing the creation and maintenance of ageing stock”.

The whiskies will be kept it in Scottish, HMRC-approved warehouses. Well in that case, go buy up all the stock.

4) Who needs Bourbon? We got Bourbon-Flavoured Vodka!

Can’t afford that bottle of bourbon? Now you now longer need to. Pernod Ricard just released its first oak-aged vodka, allowed to “rest” in a oak barrel for around six months the vodka is meant to pick up the bourbon-like oaky flavors. Market Watch discusses the drinks giant’s status quo, though they’re doing well, they could be doing better: “it’s clearly facing challenges, as spirits drinkers in the U.S. turn increasingly from vodka to whiskey (and, in particular, to bourbon)”.

Now the company is focusing on innovation. The author, Charles, Passy, describes Oak by Absolut in the following “It’s hard to think of a sip that has confused our taste buds more than Oak by Absolut. It’s certainly not a traditional vodka—or even a traditional flavored vodka. But it’s far from a bourbon. Instead, it delivers a kind of mild bourbon flavor, with notes of smoke and vanilla, in a vodka-like 80-proof alcohol-delivery system … The bottom line: While don’t love Oak, we see great potential for it.”


Foto: Woman via Shutterstock.

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