Inventory for September 7th, 2014

This week Oliver Burkeman tackles the notion of the mise-en-place as a metaphor for a planned life, Bar Convent announces new opening hours, Munchies Germany made a little film about German Applewine, and Iran has a drinking problem.

Yeah, yeah – summer’s coming to an end but that doesn’t mean it’s time to frown and hide under wooly blankets. We’ve got other plans: Today you’ll find us at the Champagne Studio. Dig out the most extravagant, widest bell-bottomed pants you can find, strap on those glittery heels, and poof up the hair. It’s time for Champagne and Disco.

1) Champagne and Disco

After an extremely successful run of the Bar Market back in March, Kavita Meelu is back with another concept. This time it’s Champagne and Disco. Marketed as the second coming of Studio 54 the drinks market will include only the best Champagne houses, culinary delights to help soak up the bubbly, and disco DJs en masse. Handpicked by Helen Mol the stalls are host to the House of Roederer, the House of Krug, the House of Charles Heidsieck, and the House of Bonnaire as well as three others. Find more information here.
2)  The Mise-en-Place of Life

Food is the new rock, food is the new going out, food is the new religion. Yes, we’ve heard all those statements before as food, chef culture, and dining out steadily rise in popularity.  Oliver Burkeman tackles the notion of the mise-en-place for the Guardian. The meez can be applied to numerous areas of life. Having all your ingredients ready will certainly be of help when preparing cocktails. He argues that meez is a more meticulous, more-in-the-moment type of planning. And he’s not wrong! There’s something to learn from chefs just yet.

3) Bar Convent’s New Opening Hours

There’s less than a month to go until Bar Convent 2014 and we couldn’t be more excited! This years’ opening times deviate a bit from the past. Bar Convent will be open from 12 pm – 7 pm, closing up shop one hour earlier in order to allow visitors to go out and enjoy Berlin’s nightlife. However, we willl be co-hosting the Mixology Market on October 6th, right where Bar Convent takes place the following day, at Halle 5 at Station Berlin. This gathering will allow for even more networking and the opportunity to test 18 of Berlin’s finest bars, as well as several delicious street food stalls. Your Bar Convent ticket includes this mixer on October 6th – see you there!

4) Germany’s Applewine Haven

Vice’s food plattform Munchies took a trip down south this August. Host Billy Wagner introduces the viewer to Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt’s home to all things related to apple fermented into alcohol. The video shows an abundance of wine, hefty amounts of cooked pork, and numerous 40+ men who really love what they do. Stop reading this and go watch it here!

5) Iran’s “Non-Existent” Alcohol Problem

Officially no one drinks in Iran. Alcohol is strictly forbidden and anyone caught consuming liquor can be punished with up to 80 lashes. And yet, the World Health Organization places Iran at nr. 19 in the world for people who drink more than 35 liters alcohol per year. The Daily Beast talked to Alireza who regularly attends AA meetings in Tehran. He talks about the difficulties an alcoholic has in Iran. If you’re lucky, you can call a trusted doctor to come visit at home during your detoxification phase. If you’re not things become exponentially more dangerous, Alireza’s known three people who have died trying to kick their addiction. Because alcohol is illegal it is also extremely expensive, leaving many people to resort to home brews. The article sadly notes that the trend of uncontrolled, dangerous alcohol is likely to continue as legal issues are unlikely to be lessened soon.


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