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Berliners are finally getting what they want: a very own Mikkeller Berlin beer bar to call their own. Located smack in the city center, a district aptly named “Mitte”, the Mikkeller bar opens Saturday, March 18th . Judging by the Facebook event (1.000 people “interested”, 350 “going”), the city and its beer drinkers are excited. 

The idea for Berlin’s first Mikkeller bar has been around for a while now, basically ever since the hugely popular Mikkeller pop up event at the Michelberger Hotel in 2013, which resulted in a subsequent collaborative American Pale Ale.  Come by Torstraße 102, 10119 at 2pm on the dot tomorrow (March 18th 2017) if you’re interested in grabbing one of the first 700 beers – which will be free. Mikkeller’s running club has its own Mikkeller Berlin version and they’ll be meeting at the bar at 12 to go for a run (rumor has it the man himself, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø will be there alongside other club members from Denmark) before convening back at their new club house. Lace up those shoes and hit the pavement.

MIXOLOGY ONLINE was lucky enough to get a tour of the space a couple of days before opening, we watched as the two great Danes Niko and Per (who were flown in from Copenhagen to get the job done) went about building the actual bar while manager Daniel Joanes, sporting an electric pink sweater, showed us around the space: the bar Mikkeller Berlin will be home to 24 different taps – many of which will be sour beers. Sour just happens to be the way to this editorial team’s heart and, as of now, they’ve yet to gain footing in Berlin’s craft beer scene. We’re not worried about any Mikkeller space filling up, but this extra little tidbit might just give them a leg up in a competitive market and create a true haven for sour beer aficionados.

Mikkeller Berlin: A cozy place for Beer

The bar Mikkeller Berlin will be simple and cozy: a place to enjoy a good beer (expect local ones on tap as well) and snack on some food. Cheese will be provided by Markhalle Neun’s Alte Milch and sausages are delivered by their local delicatessen shop and neighbor Vom Einfachen das Gute. Those of you who’ve been to international Mikkeller bars (29 to boot!) know what to expect. Of course Mikkeller wouldn’t be worthy of its name if they didn’t have some extra special beers available, we’re particularly excited for the Nelson Sauvignon Champagne S Acasia and the Drinkin Berliner Yuzu. Not only beer though, a couple of good quality spirits are on stock as well: Plantation Rum, Diplomático Rum, High West Whiskey and Del Maguey’s infamous Mezcal. That’s certainly enough to keep several interesting Herrengedecke on offer.

Open from 12 – 1 on weekdays and 1 – 1 on Sunday, guests can spend afternoons at the bar as well, there will be two different varieties of coffee, and plenty of well designed magazines and book to browse.

Minimalist interiors, wooden furniture, and a vibe that’s hard to describe without using the word “chill” – those in the know will recognize the huge prints on the wall as the handiwork of Mikkeller’s Philadelphia-based art director Keith Shore.

Berlin is an interesting place to open a craft beer bar, considering our fair country’s long history in beer it took a while to get the craft beer scene going. Now that we’ve gotten there though, things are developing rapidly and we’ve seen new beer bars pop up left and right. Which is good for competition and innovation, Berlin is extremely international and open to new things. We welcome the addition to our craft beer scene with arms wide open.

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