Mixology Bar Awards 2019

Mixology Bar Awards 2019: The Long List Nominees Are Announced

News 8.8.2018

The highly anticipated nominations for the MIXOLOGY BAR AWARDS 2019 Long List are now public. We are delighted to announce the nominees from all over Europe. Congratulations to all!

It’s award season again. Over the last few days our team has been repeatedly asked when the MIXOLOGY BAR AWARD Long Lists are due. Therefore we’re relieved to be able to publish them today.

Alongside our GSA prizes, this marks the third time we will be hosting the European Awards. This year there’s some noticeable trends worth noting. After Dr. Stravinsky’s win last year, voters are swinging towards the Iberian peninsula, voting for Spanish bars in increasing numbers – and not just in Barcelona and Madrid either. And London is still staking its claim as the continent’s centre, but there’s undeniably a much wider spread across the continent than we’ve seen before. Read on to see the list in full.

 The 12th MIXOLOGY BAR AWARDS will again be awarded in the night leading up to the highly influential Bar Convent Berlin, which recently has expanded to the US and will next year also host an edition in Brazil. But there’s one big change. As the world’s leading bar trade show has expanded to three days the gala at Maritim Hotel Berlin will take place on a Sunday for the first time. Only then on the 7th October 2018 will the German-speaking and international bar industry learn who will ultimately bring home the coveted black trophies made by Schott Zwiesel.

Meet the Jury Members

With nine GSA and eighteen European jury members the MIXOLOGY BAR AWARDS have gathered a record number of influential bar-owners, bar managers, publishers, and event organizers to vote on suggestions made by the awards council. Over 200 council members from the European bar and beverage trade have taken part in the preselection process this year.

The GSA (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) jury for this year’s bar industry awards consists of jury chairman Erich Wassicek (Halbestadt Bar, Vienna), Arnd Henning Heißen (Fragrances & The Curtain Club, The Ritz-Carlton Berlin), Kent Steinbach (Mojito’s Fine Cocktailbar, Düsseldorf), Gabriel Daun (Gekkos, Frankfurt), Torsten Spuhn (Modern Masters, Erfurt), Peter Eichhorn, and Roland Graf (both MIXOLOGY correspondents).

Then on the European side MIXOLOGY counts on the support of Salvatore Calabrese (Head of the Jury – United Kingdom), Fernando Castellon (France, Castellon Consulting), Kirsten Holm (Denmark, K-Bar), Lubos Racz (Slovakia, Barkultur), Martin Kraut (Czech Republic, Barlife Magazine & Prague Barshow), Nélson Bernardes (Portugal, Drinks Diary), Patrick Pistolesi (Italy, Drink Kong), Thomas Huhn (Switzerland, Les Trois Rois), Timo Janse (The Netherlands, Perfect Serve Barshow & Flying Dutchmen), Tomek Roehr (Poland, Wieczorny & Cosmo Bar), Vincent Degroote (Belgium, Venuez Magazine & Show), Vladimir Zhuravlev (Russia, Clabaratory), Arnd Heissen (Germany, Fragrances & The Curtain Club at The Ritz-Carlton), Dimitar Kosev Dimitrov (Bulgaria, ByTheWay), Erich Wassicek (Austria, Halbestadt), and Juan Valls (Spain, Fibar & El Niño Perdido). It’s important here to remember that neither bars nor employees of jury members can be nominated for the awards, as we want the awards to be awarded in a fair and transparent manner.

How the European jury works

The process began when we asked this board of European industry insiders – with 18 members from 18 countries the biggest jury it’s ever been – to make their nominations in the different categories. Now the votes have been counted, and the Long List is public, it’s time for the MIXOLOGY BAR AWARDS 2019 jury to start deliberating. They will now deliberate and come up with the Short List, which is published in September and from which our final winners will emerge.

Interested in coming? Early Bird tickets are on sale now, until the short list is published at the beginning of September. Short listed bartenders and bars will be invited to the gala to celebrate the wealth and vibrancy of European bar culture.

We now present the nominees of the Long List (in no particular order) for the MIXOLOGY BAR AWARDS 2019. Congratulations to all!

CATEGORIES FOR THE GSA-COUNTRIES (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

Newcomer of the Year (presented by Nikka Whisky)

Stefanie Brach, Christiansen’s, Hamburg

Tobias Lindner, The Old Jacob, Bonn

Dominik Oswald, Hammond Bar, Vienna

Georg Häussler, Werk 8, Basel

Sven Goller, Das Schwarze Schaf, Bamberg

Kai Wolschke, Goldfisch Bar, Berlin

Katharina Esser, Parfümerie, Vienna

Katalin Bene, Voodoo Reyes, Geneva

Arthur Sommerfeld, Hunky Dory, Frankfurt

Nicole Brunner, Golvet, Berlin


Host of the Year (presented by Rauch Fruchtsäfte)

Bettina Kupsa, The Chug Club, Hamburg

Christian Heiss, Kronenhalle, Zurich

Armin Azadpour, Hunky Dory, Frankfurt

Roberto Pavlovic-Hariwijadi, Roberto American Bar, Vienna

Sven Riebel, The Tiny Cup, Frankfurt

Indika Silva, Toddy Tapper, Cologne

Mo Kaba, Guts & Glory, Karlsruhe

Boris Gröner, One Trick Pony, Freiburg

Thomas Pflanz, Hildegard Bar, Berlin

Kostas Ignatiadis, Schumann’s, Munich


Mixologist of the Year (presented by Sierra Millenario)

René Soffner, The Kinly Bar, Frankfurt

Volker Seibert, Seiberts, Cologne

Christian Genteman, Bar am Steinplatz, Berlin

Noureddine Elmoussaoui, Schumann’s & Les Fleurs du Mal, Munich

Michele Heinrich, The Kinly Bar, Frankfurt

Andreas Schöler, One Trick Pony, Freiburg

Klaus St. Rainer, Goldene Bar & Wabi Sabi Shibui, Munich

Lukas Motejzik, Zephyr Bar, Munich

Stephan Hinz, Little Link, Cologne

Oliver Ebert, Becketts Kopf, Berlin


Bar Team of the Year (presented by Bruichladdich)

Spirits, Cologne

One Trick Pony, Freiburg

Provocateur, Berlin

Kleinod, Vienna

Schumann’s, Munich

Booze Bar, Berlin

Werk 8, Basel

Kronenhalle, Zurich

Old Crow, Zurich

Hammond Bar, Vienna


Bar Menu of the Year (presented by Gin Mare)

Bar am Steinplatz, Berlin

Provocateur, Berlin

The Sign Lounge, Vienna

Zephyr, Munich

The Chug Club, Hamburg

Shepheard, Cologne

Jigger & Spoon, Stuttgart

Little Link, Cologne

Matiki, Vienna

The Bank im Park Hyatt, Vienna


New Bar of the Year (presented by Belsazar Vermouth)

Jigger & Spoon, Stuttgart

Stairs Bar, Berlin

Wabi Sabi Shibui, Munich

Trisoux, Munich

Hildegard Bar, Berlin

Liquid Diary formerly Eckstein, Innsbruck

The Birdyard, Vienna

Embury Bar, Frankfurt

Voodoo Reyes, Geneva

Küche Bar, Berlin


Bar of the Year, Germany (presented by Veuve Clicquot)

One Trick Pony, Freiburg

The Kinly Bar, Frankfurt

Spirits, Cologne

Seiberts, Cologne

Provocateur, Berlin

The Chug Club, Hamburg

Goldene Bar, Munich

Velvet, Berlin

Imperii, Leipzig

Becketts Kopf, Berlin


Bar of the Year, Austria (presented by Del Fabro)

Kleinod, Vienna

Josef Cocktailbar, Vienna

The Sign Lounge, Vienna

Miranda, Vienna

Englhof Bar, Zell am Ziller

Heuer am Karlsplatz, Vienna

Little Grain, Salzburg

Hammond Bar, Vienna

Frau Dietrich, Linz

Botanical Garden, Vienna


Bar of the Year, Switzerland (presented by Xellent Swiss Vodka)

Angels’ Share, Basel

Old Crow, Zurich

Werk 8, Basel

Kronenhalle, Zurich

Widder Bar, Zurich

Cinchona Bar, Zurich

Little Barrel, Geneva

Baltho Küche & Bar, Zurich

4 Tiere Bar, Zurich

Hinz & Kunz, Basel


Hotel Bar of the Year (presented by Hirschrudel)

Provocateur, Provocateur Hotel, Berlin

Bar am Steinplatz, Hotel am Steinplatz, Berlin

D-Bar, The Ritz Carlton, Vienna

Roomers Bar, Roomers, Baden-Baden

Capella Bar, Breidenbacher Hof, Dusseldorf

Roomers Bar, Roomers, Frankfurt

Bristol Bar, Bristol Hotel, Frankfurt

Baltho Küche & Bar, Hotel Marktgasse, Zurich

Englhof Bar, Hotel Engelhof, Zell am Ziller

Widder Bar, Widder Hotel, Zurich


Brand Ambassador of the Year (presented by Thomas Henry)

Markus Heinze, Glenfiddich & The Balvenie/Campari, Germany

Hasan Sivrikaya, Bacardi-Martini, Switzerland and Austria

Steffen Zimmermann, Rutte Gin/Borco, Germany

Mario Kappes, Nikka & The Dalmore and Luxury Ambassador/Borco, Germany

Alexandra Bisanz, Bulleit/Diageo, Austria

Coco Prochorowski, Hendrick’s Gin/Campari, Germany

Stella Bouchette, Linie Aquavit/Arcus, Germany

Robert Mischko, Monkey 47/Pernod Ricard, Switzerland

Thomas Zilm, Moët-Hennessy, Germany

Ewald Stromer, Bruichladdich/Rémy-Cointreau, Germany, Switzerland and Austria


Sales Representative of the Year (presented by Cocktailian)

Bernhard Stadler, Diageo

Martin Börzel, Campari

Rainer Claßen, Diageo

Simon Schmidlin, Charles Hofer SA

Maximilian Heidenreich, Campari

Swen Neumann, Campari

Kai Schröpfer, Borco

Linn Urbrock, Borco

Marco Lopez, Campari

Matthias Neubrunner, Beam-Suntory



Best New European Bar (presented by Heineken)

Nasty Fingers Bar, Fuengirola, Spain

Toca da Raposa, Lisbon, Portugal

Two Schmucks, Barcelona, Spain

Luciole, Cognac, France

Les Ambassadeurs, Paris, France

Nomads Cocktail Bar, Vilnius, Lithuania

The Mint Gun Club, London, UK

Botaanik Bar, Tallinn, Estonia

Jigger and Spoon, Stuttgart, Germany

Santos y Desamparados, Madrid, Spain


Best European Bar (presented by Mixology)

Red Frog, Lisbon, Portugal

The Clumsies, Athens, Greece

El Copitas, St. Petersburg, Russia

Le Syndicat, Paris, France

Oriole Bar, London, UK

Dr. Stravinsky, Barcelona, Spain

Coupette, London, UK

Little Red Door, Paris, France

American Bar im Savoy, London, UK

Scout, London, UK


Best European Mixologist (presented by Linie Aqauavit)

Matt Whiley, Scout, London, UK

Diego Cabrera, Salmon Guru, Madrid, Spain

Paulo Gomes, Red Frog, Lisbon, Portugal

Chris Moore, Coupette, London, Großbritannien

Marian Beke, The Gibson, London, UK

Agostino Perrone, The Connaught Bar, London, UK

Sullivan Doh, La Commune, Paris, France

Remy Savage, Artesian Bar, London, UK

Vasilis Kyritsis, The Clumsies, Athens, Greece

Giacomo Gianniotti, Paradiso, Barcelona, Spain


Beste European Spirit or Bar Product (presented by Bar Convent Berlin)

Plantation Xaymaca, Plantation/Maison Ferrand, Jamaica

Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter, Martini & Rossi, Italy

Tanqueray Lovage, Tanqueray, UK

Seedlip Grove 42, Seedlip, UK

Melzer Nordic Tonic Water, Melzer Soda Co., Sweden

Bogart’s Bitters, The Bitter Truth, Germany

Belvedere Single Estate Rye Vodka Smogóry Forest, Belvedere, Poland

Tempus Fugit Crème de Banane, Tempus Fugit Spirits, Switzerland

Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin, AS Liviko, Estonia

Bacardi Cuatro, Bacardi, Puerto Rico


Tickets for the MIXOLOGY BAR AWARDS 2019 gala can be purchased here.

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