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Cheers folks! This week we have Team Lyan teaching you to make a more sustainable home bar, Scotland’s first female malt distiller Liz Stewart celebrates her retirement, we’re going to see calories and ingredients listed on EU spirits, and Coca-Cola launches its first alcoholic drink in Japan. Kanpai!

Bars in Kyoto, like the city itself, are cozy and welcoming. With less of Tokyo’s hustle and bustle, Japan’s former capital is the perfect place to take time over a well-crafted cocktail.  On a recent visit, Liv Fleischhacker found plenty of bars to like and a few places to avoid.

Welcome folks! In this week’s short but sweet inventory, we have an Australian brewery that’s trying to copyright the color of beer, the European Union prepares an import duty on US bourbon, and the definitive list of books that every spirits nerd should own. Cheers!

Cheers friends! This week the rumour mill is churning: apparently Pernod Ricard has similar views to Diageo on the changing of the Scotch rules.

Cheers friends! This week George Clooney and his business partner Rande Gerber are planning to venture into mezcal. An outdated law in Vermont is stopping bartenders from infusing their own spirits.