Welcome back friends: it’s August, we’re deep in summer (have you had your fill of Frosés yet?) and we’ve got the weekly industry news for you. Enjoy!

This week’s inventory is a good one, if we do say so ourselves: we’ve got a lengthy rant on the world’s first gin made with old Harley Davidson parts, Fentimans introduces the world to four new slim cans,

Welcome to this week’s roundup of the industry news. We’ve got: alcohol that might be boosting the bible belt’s economy, Bushmills is revving up its German PR activities,

Welcome to this week’s bar news, friends! Amazon announced its acquisition of Whole Foods earlier this week, the UK Roots competition is headed to the Athens Bar Show in November,

Cheers to this week’s news! We’ve got the original finger-stirred Negroni for you, an Italian wine by-product that’s selling itself as “vegan leather,”

This time around, we have Carlsberg launching its new craft beer portfolio, BrewDog handing out free beers to encourage UK citizens to vote, Riegele releasing a new alcohol-free IPA,

Welcome to this week’s inventory. Our current weekend reads include an excellent article on New York’s cocktail culture and how it’s lacking in inspiration,