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Inventory for October 22nd, 2017

We’re deep into autumn and soon winter will be upon us (sorry, too GoT?) which means that perhaps it’s time to ditch bars and instead, accept our fate in form of canned cocktails. At least, that’s what one entrepreneur in Hong Kong thinks. In other news we also have a man who filed a lawsuit against an airline over lack of Champagne on his flight, Champagne problems eh?! Lastly, Sazerac acquired an equity stake in Indian whisky producer John Distilleries. Cheers, here’s to the weekend!

It’s time to hunker down (see the above mention of winter) and eat and drink. Dark, bitter drinks go well with cheese. To be fair, most things go well with cheese if you ask us. Which is why you should get yourself off the couch on November 5th and head on down to Berlin’s Markthalle Neun, where Cheese Berlin will take place for the second time. Tons of vendors from around Europe will be showcasing their wares: from young gouda and creamy brie, to streaky Northern Irish blue cheese. All the things we love!

Canned Cocktails: Hong Kong’s Next Big Thing?

The Drinks Business reports, “after the sell-out success of canned wines at grocery giant Trader Joe’s in the US, young entrepreneur Victoria Chow has been taking note and recently unveiled a range of canned cocktails at her newly opened bar, Kwoon, in Central.” Bottled aged cocktails are already a thing so really…why not? Kwoon offers seven canned cocktails which are often made using Hong Kong ingredients. “Billing the range as ‘Asia’s first brand of artisanal canned cocktails,’ the use of can over glass bottles boasts lighter weight, easier recyclable material and ‘unbreakability’ at parties and events, said the company.” We’ll see if they really manage to make a splash.

Man Files Lawsuit Against Airline over Lack of Champagne on Flight

This one’s a real winner – aren’t we all this dude at some point in our lives? “A man from Quebec has filed a lawsuit against Canada’s Sunwing Airlines after he was served sparkling wine instead of Champagne as part of a flight package that promised ‘Champagne service’.” Best of all? He was on his way to Cuba. Daniel Macduff did receive a glass of sparkling wine, however, it was only on the flight back, and it wasn’t Champagne. Only sparkling wine.

Fair enough, that’s a big difference, Danny. His lawsuit, which has yet to be “certified,” aims to sue Sunwing “for misleading business practices and false representation and is seeking both compensation for the difference in the cost of the sparkling wines, as well as punitive damages.” The airline fought back, calling the suit petty and frivolous. Also, in the airline’s defence, they use the terms “Champagne service” and “Champagne vacation” to describe the level of service, rather than the type of drink they’re serving. Weeeell … that seems kinda shoddy. Don’t call it a beer menu if all you’re serving is lemonade.

Sazerac Acquire Equity in Indian Whisky Producer

Just last week, Sazerac bought an equity stake in the Indian whisky producer John Distilleries, “marking the continued expansion of the US group’s global distilling footprint.” John Distilleries also produces the world’s seventh largest whisky brand, Original Choice Whisky, which sold 10.1m cases in 2016. “The acquisition marks Sazerac’s entry into the Indian whisky market. The group has not disclosed the size of its new shareholding.” Sazerac acquired Southern Comfort from Brown-Forman in March 2016, which leads us to believe that it is actively trying to become a global spirits company. “Since then, Sazerac purchased Cognac house Domaine Breuil de Segonzac, at the same time as acquiring a Tennessee whiskey distillery.” Oh-ho, Sazerac is going places.


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