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Hello from the other side (could.not.resist)! Besides leaving you with a song that you’ll be singing all week (don’t try and sing it out loud, nobody sounds like Adele),

This week our inventory be poppin’. Berlin-based publisher Gestalten releases a book on craft distillers filled to the brim with rich photography,

DrinkSpirits’ Geoffrey Kleinman goes behind the scenes of F. Paul Pacult’s innovative spirits competition: The Ultimate Spirits Challenge, and reveals how exactly spirits are judged.

This week we take a look at Drink Spirits’ review of Grey Goose VX, global warming is raising wine prices, and Charles Joly is crowned Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender…

Berlin is a booming European tourist destination. Many visitors come for the famous Berlin nightlife, the capital’s clubs and bars.

Eierpunsch, rompope or biblia con pisco. Almost every nation has a traditional mixed beverage making use of egg.

Arrack is one of the most mysterious and oldest spirits. Stemming from South Asia this ancient distillate recently experienced a bit of a comeback in bars.