Welcome back to Beers, Bars & Brewers! This week we take a look at the US Congress which is backing a tax reduction for craft brewers,

Welcome back to this week’s BBB! Today we’ve got some changes at the Berlin Beer Academy for you, the second Mainz-based CraftBeerMesse is happening,

Welcome back to this week’s Beers, Bars & Brewers. Today, we’re taking a look at Holsten Brauwelt’s newest ale, a craft beer that’s produced using 45 million year old yeast,

Welcome to this week’s Beers, Bars & Brewers! After launching freshly tapped Heineken bottles on their flight, Quartz explains the science behind KLM’s kegs.

Welcome to our bi-monthly Beers, Bars & Brewers! This week we take a look at Bruge’s pipe dreams and how they became a reality, a beer that’s brewed using artificial intelligence,

In this bi-weekly BBB: Stone Brewing releases its Stone IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ale Germany-wide, we’ve got some more info to Berlin Beer Week and its Berlin Craft Beer Fest component,

It’s a short and sweet BBB this week, but informative nonetheless. We’re happy to announced that Brew Berlin will double in size at this year’s Bar Convent Berlin,

This week in beer news: Soda Stream releases a instant beer carbonation machine, The Guardian takes a look at sexism in the brewing industry, fittingly the High Heel Brewing Co. releases its first beer:

We be hoppy! The sun is out, spring has sprung and people are finally happy again. It’s become a long-honed tradition that as soon as the first fledgling greens begin to show their face,

Beers, beers, beers. This week’s BBB is short and sweet but important nonetheless.  Researchers found cancer fighting properties in hops,