Welcome back to this week’s BBB! Today we’ve got some changes at the Berlin Beer Academy for you, the second Mainz-based CraftBeerMesse is happening,

This year we're celebrating the 10th anniversary of the MIXOLOGY BAR AWARDS. On October 10th 2016 we'll be honoring the best bars in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

It’s a short and sweet BBB this week, but informative nonetheless. We’re happy to announced that Brew Berlin will double in size at this year’s Bar Convent Berlin,

This week Amaury Cepeda won the Havana Grand Prix, Brew Berlin announced that it will be doubling its surface at this year’s Bar Convent Berlin,

Count the bottles and stack ‘em up, it’s time for this week’s inventory: Schwarze und Schlichte takes over distribution for Sobieski vodka,

Welcome back to this week’s inventory! We hope you had a lovely short week, though we recognize that not everybody was so lucky as to have friday off to celebrate the men.