It seems the UK government is trying to ban plastic straws by next year, the Maestro Salvatore Calabrese brings his cocktail game to the newly revamped Donovan bar, a bunch of lobbyists are calling for plain packaging on spirits products, and Hayman’s is calling for tighter regulations on gin. Cheers!

Welcome back pals, it’s two weeks before the BCB so you can imagine what the MIXOLOGY HQ currently looks (and feels) like. Spoiler alert, Stresstown - population: us.

Welcome folks! This week, we have a new smoky Fumado addition to Sierra Milenario tequila, Ryanair tries to stop customers from getting drunk before flying,

Welcome back friends: it’s August, we’re deep in summer (have you had your fill of Frosés yet?) and we’ve got the weekly industry news for you. Enjoy!

This week’s inventory is a good one, if we do say so ourselves: we’ve got a lengthy rant on the world’s first gin made with old Harley Davidson parts, Fentimans introduces the world to four new slim cans,

We counted them bottles! In this week’s inventory Jim Meehan is set to open a new bar in Chicago, Aldi’s £13 whisky beats far pricier competitors to scoop award at international spirits event,

Welcome to this week’s inventory! Hendrick’s launches a new ‘other wordly’ gin, though only for the British on-trade for the time being, opioids are taking over the restaurant industry,

Welcome friends! It’s February, let’s hope that the worst is behind us. In that vein we’ve got good news: the juniper has been added to the UK’s national seed bank which will save it from ever becoming extinct.

Welcome back gang! This week the founders of the P(our) symposium discussed if our industry is in need of a Michelin Guide like system, Absolut is in search of a new tastemaker and ‘billion dollar nose’,