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Welcome back folks! This week we take a look at the slow rise of Paris’ craft cocktail scene, Elephant Gin releases a new (stronger) gin, and Heineken launches two craft beers in hopes of getting non-craft beer lover’s attention. It’s a wacky world we live in!

MIXOLOGY author Andrew Wilkin meets Dirk Hany for his continuing series on the European Masters of Bartending. He’s a man who’s built up a name for himself as both a brand ambassador and as the Bar Manager at Zürich’s acclaimed Widder Bar. What makes him tick? 

The image of groping male hands blindly harassing a female bartender might be outdated, but that doesn't mean that sexism within the bar industry is no longer a problem.

Dan Priseman is well-known for his work at the Bitters&Twisted blog and the bar Nola. Now having worked on the comeback of Four Roses bourbon, he’s the co-author of an upcoming book about the art of throwing drinks.

Count the bottles and stack ‘em up, it’s time for this week’s inventory: Schwarze und Schlichte takes over distribution for Sobieski vodka,

Row ‘em up and count them! This week Bulleit launched a barrel-aged coffee, Thrillist compiled a list of things bartenders do wrong, Employees Only is set to open three new bars this year,